Rumor - Next Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2013 on Wii U?

A message from Tony Shoupinou, community manager from Namco Bandai Europe, announce a new Dragon Ball for this year. Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2013 (provisional name) is apparently an exclusive production for Nintendo Wii U. Not for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360...

A minimum of details has also been provided and the title looks promising. According to the message, the player will retrace the complete Akira Toriyama's saga: Dragon Ball, Z, GT and TV-Movies. That's not all, more than 30 arenas will be available with more than 100 characters!

A mode called Dragon Rush is embellished beat'em all scenes and boss battle. No doubt the gameplay operate partly gamepad functionality. Rumor true or false? Just wait a little longer to find out.

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Snookies122013d ago

I'd be kinda pissed if we finally get an amazing Dragon Ball game and it ends up being a Wii U exclusive lol. Then again, that would certainly push me into buying one sooner...

WeskerChildReborned2013d ago

I'm wondering why their is no Raging Blast 3 or even Budokai 4 -_-

_QQ_2013d ago

seems like wiiu gets no third party multiplats but all the third party exclusives.

PopRocks3592013d ago

If you go by software sales, more people went and purchased ZombiU than they did Black Ops 2.

_QQ_2012d ago

Hopefully wiiu gets more exclusive third party love.

Dj7FairyTail2013d ago

could be true since 3DS has an exlusive one.

RTheRebel2013d ago

Hopefully its good :)
DBZ character appearing in SMash Bros :)?????
A man could dream lol

2013d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.