Rumor: The First DLC Character for Injustice: Gods Among Us is Lobo

"Thanks to an image posted by CAW Evolution on Gamefaqs, it seems that Lobo will be the first DLC character in Injustice Gods Among Us. " - JPS

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admiralvic2744d ago

Seems believable.

There was that tweet, the image looks higher quality than your usual fake and it he would certainly be a welcomed addition to the game.

Root2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I just want to see a Mermaid Man skin for Aqua Man


Rottenspacehead2744d ago

DLC ? *uck that.. deliver complete games. No buy.

Ezz20132744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

you want a game (this gen and/or next gen) to come out complete first day ...without DLC ?!

good luck with that

Larry L2743d ago

I can't STAND the anti-DLC crowd anyway. If you enjoy a game, what the hell is your problem with expanding it for a small fee? You'd rather just wait 2 years for a sequel which may or may not ever happen, or which may or may not be as good as the previous game?

I find it to be a FAR better value to buy $15 worth of DLC for a game I know I love than to gamble and likely waste $60 on another game in the genre which I don't end up loving.

Very few developers release incomplete games just to release those parts of the game as DLC. Capcom with RE5/6 comes to mind. Most devs (including NetherRealm), are properly releasing REAL new content to expand their games. Content which was developed post the vanilla game's development cycle.

Seriously, how long do you expect developers to push back their games to be able to put new content on the disc? Dates have to be met to be able to get games through testing, certification, manufacturing and so on. Any content afterwards HAS to be post release DLC.

If you like the game and want more content, buy the post release content, if not.....don't. But to just arbitrarily bash all DLC is completely ignorant. People who do quite CLEARLY don't think things through before they open up their big mouths to complain and cry about everything under the Sun. It's like Nazi mentality. "Oh, I don't like this one guy over here who did a bad thing, so let us just exterminate every single person like that one guy."


admiralvic2743d ago

@ Larry L.

While I can see where you're coming from, I don't see why you praise NetherRealm and shun Capcom...

While I won't defend Capcom on Biohazard 5 (most of the Biohazard 6 things on disc were unknown unlockables / free DLC down the road if I recall correctly), I would say NetherRealm is among the worst.

During MK 9 they released SEVERAL preorder DLC costumes and a special move to go with them, which went on to be paid DLC. In Injustice: Gods Among Us, they've already done 3 retailer exclusive DLC packs, an iOS game that unlocks additional content, a Season Pass with another DLC costume pack, a CE costume pack... I mean this is a lot of DLC to have on day 1. Furthermore, Lobo was hinted at a month ago, so none of us know when exactly development for him started. For all we know they just decided who the DLC characters would be or they had a large chunk of him done or he was intended for Vanilla release, but became DLC.

Thats part of the problem with the DLC supporters (to counter your argument), since we never really know how something becomes DLC or when they start working on it. There are countless examples, but I wouldn't be surprised if more games have DLC started prior to release than "true" DLC.

Larry L2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

That's a strawman argument though. There's nothing wrong with the pre-order costume packs NetherRealm put out for MK or Injustice. While I do wish they gave all packs for all pre-orders instead of splitting them up for different retailers, the fact is retailers pay the devs/pubs for exclusive packs. Regardless, it's just a couple costumes, it's not like a game changer. And you didn't have to pay any extra for was just a bonus for putting 5 bucks down on the game.

And I thought it was awesome of TeamMK to eventually release all of those pre-order costumes as a DLC pack later down the line. Which they had to jump through hoops to do since retailers paid for exclusivity of those packs. (which btw they stated was the reason they couldn't just release the pack for free. They had to pay those retailers back to be able to release them for everyone). Not all devs are willing to go through the BS of doing that.

AND all the characters added to MK were actually added, they weren't on the disc.....unlike Capcom's DLC characters. So I don't see how you can in any way compare NetherRealm's DLC to CapCON's DLC policies of the content not only being already on disc, but also over-charging for some damned costumes, nevermind you saying NetherRealm are one of the worst. That's rediculous.

That MK costume pack, when it finally released was $5 for all of them. CapCON charged $5 for like 10 packs of 4 frigging costumes each for $5 per pack. To get all the costumes for SF4 or MvC3 you basically doubled the price of the damed games.

NetherRealm also specifically gives people the DLC they ASK for and want, i.e. LOBO being the most requested for Injustice and Rain being the most requested in MK. Capcon specifically DIDN'T give the DLC characters people requested most. Did MvC3 get Venom, Cyclops, Gambit, Psylocke, MegaMan, Bison, Apocalypse, know.....any of the most requested in the polls Capcom themselves put up?

How can you even compare the two? It's non-sense.

Baka-akaB2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

The costume are important when it comes to a comics game unlike regular fighting game .

it's half the fun for comics fan to actually play with a particular costume from your nostalgic past or from current events .

". Capcon specifically DIDN'T give the DLC characters people requested most. Did MvC3 get Venom, Cyclops, Gambit, Psylocke, MegaMan, Bison, Apocalypse, know.....any of the most requested in the polls Capcom themselves put up? "

Netherrealms is owned by the actual owner of the Dc comics properties . Capcom got to negociate with Marvel , wich are as a matter of fact adamant on who to push in the mvc3 game , so no it's hardly that easy for them . And now they've got to deal with Disney on top of Marvel

People wanted some specific capcom characters and got a few of them in the update like Strider , Red arremer etc . The sore point remain megaman stuff

Capcom couldnt even get the game in digital copy yet .

Rottenspacehead2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

I remember when i played Socom on PS2.. The developers used long time to make the game, they wanted it to be perfect. And greedy thoughts were non exsitent.
Ended up to be one of the best shooters ever, and with over 20 + maps etc online. Was even bundled with headset for almost no extra charge.

THAT is how its done.. COMPLETE games that gives you such a great experience and gives you so much, that you dont even think about wanting new stuff or a new game.

Just as several of Nintendos games, they are COMPLETE and have a super replay value.

F*** DLC, half finished games, quantity before quality strategy etc.. Gaming industry is ruined by buinsess people that has started to interfer ALOT since it grew so large.

Not only are they greedy on that area, but they also design games to be noob friendly.. everything from RPGs to online shooters.. Just to hit a mainstream retard market that swallows everything and dont know any better.

And we gamers who got our princples and know what we were given before and see their dirty strategys, suffer alot from this.. theres like 10000 games released every year, but 0 of them are complete hardcore games.

**** this...

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blackbirdi2744d ago

will wait until complete edition comes out

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