No More Skyrim, Now On To Elder Scrolls VI?

VG Republic Writes: The memories, they really are something special. Just look back to the day that it first touched your finger tips, you gently tugged on the wrapper, slid that magnificent case out, and cracked it’s virgin plastic shell. You caressed that perfect circular disc and examined the label before flipping on your system of choice and slipping it inside. For that one moment you know that bliss is hitting your every nerve and your next days, week, months, and even years will be filled with pure ecstasy. In that moment you entered the realm of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The better part of two years later Bethesda is calling it quits with Skyrim and moving on even if you’re not quite ready.

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JasonXS122100d ago

Fallout 4 before TES VI!

xPhearR3dx2100d ago

I'm a HUGE Elder Scrolls fan, and as much as I'd love a new title, I agree with this. There's still tons of amazing Skyrim Mods hitting PC that will tie me over until the next game, but I really want to see Fallout 4.

CourierSix2100d ago

Couldnt agree more! Love both Fallout and Elder Scrolls, but i'm super desperate for a new and better Fallout. TES VI sounds like a good idea though...

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2100d ago

Skyrim was the worst one they've made so I hope they can somehow not make the next Elder Scrolls suck like that one did. Their Fallout games are always terrible as that's now a dead franchise thanks to Bethesda candyassing it.

BitByter2100d ago

Skyrim was disappointing but still a good game in my opinion.

ZodTheRipper2100d ago

Why did it disappoint you? IMO it was the best western RPG this gen.

SilentNegotiator2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

I was going to start typing out a comprehensive argument, but then I saw that your avatar is new Dante and I can only assume that you're trolling or have horrible taste.

Skyrim is spectacular. As was Fallout:NV.

pop-voxuli2100d ago

Ironically this is from a dude with a DMC/Dante pic.

Snookies122100d ago

Lol, dang... Ya beat me to it.

pop-voxuli2100d ago

Sorry man, couldn't help myself!!

MrAnderson2100d ago

You have no taste, the fact you're basically role playing as new dante proves that, and FYI Skyrim was excellent, buggy but excellent, no different to Morrowind and Oblivion being buggy as balls too, and for the record, arena and daggerfall weren't amazing.

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Root2100d ago

Oh well....Fallout 4 is next :D

Then after Fallout...Elder Scrolls 6. I hope to god they will set it in ValenWood and merge the map with Elsweyr. Then the DLC can be set of Summerset Isles. All next to one another.

elhebbo162100d ago

too much places for one ES game. I rather they focus on one providence and make it as dense and deep as possible.

Root2100d ago

Not really because next gen tec will make it so they can make the map even bigger and add more stuff into it.

Valenwood and Elsweyr are small, look on the map and you can see that together they make the place the same size as Skyrim

elhebbo162100d ago

I just dont want them to speed the series up by making a game with 2-3 providence in one world map. i rather they just stick to one even if valenwood and elswer small. technically cyrodil is a bit bigger than skyrim but in-game its about the same.

Root2100d ago

The thing is though it won't speed up the series at all, in fact having these two locations together opens some interesting plot points because of the war the two providences had with one another in the past, if the story was based around new tensions rising with both places it would be nice to do quests in two totally different settings.

From the tall trees and massive forrests of Valenwood to the swamps and tropical planes of Elsweyr. With Skyrim you mostly just had Snow most of the time and it got a little boring.

RE_L_MAYER2100d ago

"The Elder Scrolls" - Tamriel

pop-voxuli2100d ago

No, now on to Fallout 4!!!

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