Five Most Memorable Moments in ‘Bioshock Infinite’ (Spoilers)

Eddie Beal writes, "My third play through Bioshock Infinite is nearly complete and there are some moments in the game that have come to mean a lot to me. While more than five could be included, these five (with a little cheating) stand out. These events are not in order of impact but in the order in which they occur in the game."

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SkidMudFlap2012d ago

My favourite moment is where Elizabeth cried when shes taken by the songbird in order to save you. By looking at her face, the tears, everything it's like being shot in the heart.

joab7772012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

On both playthroughs I missed the quartet fully...I take too long. And I wish there was an option in the bar basement to keep singing if u want. And for some reason my favorite moment (spoilers) is near the end when u have to get her out of that chair and tie her corset. She is so broken and defeated and human. Then, in a similar fashion to the end of the matrix, when booker tells her that she can't kill comstock she rips open a tear with a violent tornado and says, and what can u do to stop me. Its another realization after an emotional moment that u r not in control despite all the choices.

Kidrobo082012d ago

Id like to say I completely agree. I feel like so many miss that point about bioshock. With all these choices every decision I make does not really matter.