The Wii U: It’s All Just A Little Bit of History Repeating

Andrew Rainnie - Bashing Nintendo’s new console has quickly become a troll’s favourite pastime. Not a day has gone by in 2013 without a cluster of articles marked with the words DOOM and GLOOM in big bold letters, attracting fanboys from all sides of the fence like moths to a flame, caught in an endless argument of whose favourite manufacturer is better. Then news came that Deep Silver would not be publishing Dead Island: Riptide or Saints Row IV on the Wii U. It all reached a fever pitch during the GDC, when DICE confirmed that Battlefield 4 would not appear on the platform either. You could hear the carving knives being sharpened, with many asking how would Nintendo’s new console survive without major third-party support? Later in the week, Kotaku’s Kirk Hamilton asked Epic co-founder Mark Rein if the Wii U would run their brand spanking new Unreal Engine 4. His response, one of laughter, was hastily clarified on Twitter as Epic sought to smooth their relations not only with Nintendo,...

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dedicatedtogamers2101d ago

Ironic. History is repeating itself, but not in the "underdog takes the throne" sort of way like the Wii did. The WiiU's philosophy is insular. Instead of expanding gaming, it flees from the TV whenever someone wants to watch baseball. Instead of attracting the expanded audience, it shuns them by focusing on games like Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 (not bad games, mind you) instead of what made the Wii popular. Instead of exploring new ideas, it's copy-pasting old ones from the DS and tablets and trying to shoehorn it into a console format.

If anything, the WiiU is repeating the history of the N64/GC era: Nintendo was once a juggernaut, but due to their arrogance, they got knocked down several pegs and slowly had to rebuild their strength.

MNGamer-N2101d ago

They are still the largest gaming company in the world though. I think "juggernaut" still applies.

diepdiep2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Can't wait for this year's E3. I bet Nintendo is saving big announcements for the Wii U since they have been very quiet about the system lately, especially its games.

manaxknight12101d ago

They were kind of quiet about the Wii-U development too..

yewles12101d ago

"The Wii U: It’s All Just A Little Bit of History Repeating"

If you're going by the history of headstart consoles, then yeah...

OwlEyes2101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Good article. You'd think people would have learned from the DS vs PSP, Wii vs PS360, and most recently, 3DS vs Vita.

Each time the Nintendo console was laughed at, each time it sold in numbers their rivals could only dream of.

panbit862101d ago

Don't forget that handhelds was TOTALLY Nintendo territory. The PSP did amazingly if we consider it was Sony's first attemt in handhelds and Vita with the proper games will do great too! (which from what history has proved time and time again with Sony's consoles good exclusive games is what they do, they'll come -don't forget that 3ds lacked titles in the beginning too-)

Now the Wii is a totally different story... u can brag about sales all you want but that doesn't change the sad reality of this console. Wii is long gone, most of the titles were gimmicky shovelware and no matter what sales it did it'll never be half the console N64 or GameCube was.

BosSSyndrome2101d ago

Lol what are you talking about? It is HALF the console the Gamecube was!

...get it...

ZeekQuattro2101d ago

But this time is different. At least that what's most trolls say anyway.

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