The Top 7… Video game sidekicks we hated

GamesRadar - We gamers spend a majority of our time laughing and smiling. Games make us happy, and playing them is our passion. But there are moments when anger takes over. Where our laughter is replaced with seething hatred, and our smiles turn to grimaces. And while that sudden change can be caused by our enemies, there are many times when our allies are the ones to blame.

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Relientk772010d ago

Slippy, Navi, and Tingle

febreeze12010d ago

Hey slippy is awesome! Well not really, but he's awesome!

Knushwood Butt2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Yeah, Slippy the toad kicked ass! In the original SNES game anyway... Never played any others.

Gothdom2010d ago

Rico from Killzone 2. Always in the way asking for you to shoot but never doing anything worthwhile in all the game. At some point I wish he died... or that I could off him.

Knushwood Butt2010d ago

Yeah, I was going to post this. Playing the last section on Elite difficulty and it's more fun to blow him away than attempt to beat the game.

Summons752010d ago

this is an awful list. while some are true how can you hate pawns in dragon's dogma? They are super intelligent and the entire game is based around using them (and this is coming from someone who usually completely HATES mandatory AI partners) Also what about Sheva from RE5? she is stupid and just a waste of space.... Tringle from Zelda is also stupid, annoying and a waste of life.

MrAnderson2010d ago

Tingle, Navi (Zelda) Sheva, (RE5) Amy (Amy) Anyone in Oblivion/Skyrim (I love those games, but AI partners are derpy as hell)

GreenRanger2010d ago

I hate sidekicks, i'm a lone wolf type of gamer.

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