Major weekend Xbox Live outage casts more doubt over 'always on' Xbox 720

TechRadar - If Microsoft really does want its new Xbox to be an 'always on' console, what happens when you can't always get on? The answer to that would be 'not a lot' if this weekend is anything to go by.

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konnerbllb2038d ago

I feel like I've read this article about three times now. hmm dejavu I guess.

malokevi2038d ago

I played every day, and I don't remember any outage.

Yet, I've seen copies of this article posted over and over.

People making a big deal out of nothing.

The bias around here is ridiculous.

Knight_Crawler2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Man MS cannot even fart without the media blowing it up into something big and spinning it around.

But when you look it, if it was not for all these XBox 720 rumors these gaming website would dead and have nothing to report...sure the PS4 was announced but the hype died quicker than the Harlem Shake.

MS silence on the Next Box is driving everyone crazy and everyone wants to know whats the deal.

Edit: Before you disagree, ask the mods how much 720 articles have reached the top page since February and also ask how much 720 articles have been approved vs PS4 articles.

The 720 hype is real people #DEAL WITH IT :)

GamersRulz2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

PS4 hype didn't die at all, but it's natural that people start hyping the unknown. the same thing happened with PS3 in 2006, MS released the 360 then the media focus shifted toward the PS3 hyping it up to the stars. in 2000, PS2 hype literally killed the Dreamcast, people stopped buying Dreamcast just because of rumors about Supercumputer, rocket launcher PS2.

You make it seem like this is the first time its happening and it was all MS doing?! funny logic because it always happened before any major console release. if I were you I would worry because leaked specs suggests that Xbox720 is 33% weaker than PS4. So expect PS2 to Xbox differences this gen except it is the other way this time.

IK IR Y IP T2038d ago

lmao no shit i didn't even have a outage but yea whatever gets the hits...

Nafon2038d ago

Well I couldn't use the My Xbox Live app to stalk my friends without them knowing for a few hours... Sony's My Playstation app has never had any... oh wait.

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SnakeCQC2038d ago

the ms always on stance is definitely going to hinder their next console sales.

IcicleTrepan2038d ago

The always on rumour you mean?

SnakeCQC2038d ago

They haven't denied it and xbox staff staff/ devs have defended the rumoured position.

malokevi2038d ago

If the rumours about the Nextbox being a string and a ball attached to a cup are true, then we're all in for some amazing software.

evilunklebud2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

this is getting goofy....

Gildarts2037d ago

Nothing is confirmed. There are new rumors that it doesn't have it for games. Which is a lot more believable MS is not stupid enough for Always Online console.

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evilunklebud2038d ago

Man, bad journalism strikes again..... I liked the 3rd comment on the article.

It will play on n4g, however.

ThatsGaming2038d ago

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt article. MS has not announced that the next Xbox is an always on device.

When the next Xbox is announced and it is not an always on device, these same writers will say that Microsoft caved.

Reality is that things like this move together in this industry. Always on and blocking of used games won't happen until all console vendors agree to it. Otherwise, the console vendor that does it first is committing commercial suicide.

That said, nobody is making a big deal about games requiring always on connectivity such as Assassins Creed IV and Destiny. Why are their no articles about developers making their games always on without a disconnected single player experience?

Jek_Porkins2038d ago

Jeez, 3 hours for some people is considered "major" now? turn the page people, the more recent rumors around the next Xbox suggest it wont even be DRM, though I wouldn't doubt if we end up with some DRM games on all consoles.

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