EA responds to Battlefield 4 Commander Mode rumors

GameZone's Matt Liebl writes, "Earlier today, promotional material for Battlefield 4 seemed to indicate the return of Commander Mode. While we had a feeling the material from GameStop was unofficial, an EA representative has confirmed our suspicions."

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OpieWinston2014d ago

It better have sent a message to them...I want Commander Mode!

TekoIie2014d ago

Would be nice if they added more countries and not limit it to just US and Russia.

Would be cool if they spiced it up with something random! Like... France vs North Korea? Again really random, makes no sense, but makes the game feel weirdly different. Could include their military vehicles too.

porkChop2014d ago

Would be nice to play as a Canadian for once.

SideShort2014d ago

Heh, well that would work if they didn't set up their multiplayer as a sort of sequel to the campaign as they did in BF3. I like this practice, even though BF3's campaign was pretty forgettable. I like how the multiplayer really ties in to the story. It felt like it dictated the maps you fight in and it was why you you are fighting against the Russians instead of the PLA. I highly doubt they will include random countries, only ones that they've planned to include in the story.

Zha1tan2014d ago

oh you mean like you could in BF2? which also had the commander mode among various other features.

Sorry but this series has been going backwards.

SKUD2014d ago

Unless COD adds commander mode, Its not coming back to BF MP.

Plagasx2014d ago

To not include Commander mode this time around would be completely stupid.