‘Dragon Age 3’ developer explains how to enhance sales

Allan Schumacher has provided an explanation as to how Bioware may be planning to enhance the sales for their upcoming title, “Dragon Age 3: Inquisition.”

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brish2015d ago

"Best way to enhance our sales is to make an exceptionally high quality game."

Sounds like a good method!

deep_fried_bum_cake2015d ago

If only they'd attempted it with Dragon Age 2.

thorstein2015d ago

Exactly. Then there was that whole RPG part... like how DAO was a ROLE playing game and DA2 was, not.

joab7772015d ago

Or don't always be thinking about money and definitely don't go on record.

Recently they talked about how EA had no say in creative direction...but cultures breed cultures and while their may not be direct involvement, there were meetings and memos that talked about how if sales didn't reach a particular mark there would be consequences. This creates the worst situation because thenn game creators are attempting to create business models to keep themselves employed. When I heard them say that they looked at skyrim for direction, I got worried. Bioware used to set direction.

pompombrum2015d ago

I think you hit the nail on the head tbh.. Bioware can claim to have as much creative freedom as they want but with EA's greedy investors breathing down their necks, it's bound to effect the quality of their final product.

cleft52015d ago

Please Bioware, just say nothing and make DA3 great.

Pintheshadows2015d ago

And then once you're done make Jade Empire 2 and make that great as well.

MrAnderson2015d ago

Don't make a bad game this time is the strategy, derp.

pissed9992015d ago Show
Nerdmaster2014d ago

The only thing I'm certain is that I won't buy it at launch. I'll wait for a few weeks to hear what people have to say about the game.