Fight Night Round 3 Teaser

Get a look at the graphics upgrade.

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eques judicii5896d ago

i'm not seeing a huge difference... but they did have an extra year to improve it

JIN KAZAMA5896d ago

The got final dev kits not too long ago. Thats the bottom line. Also, if the 360 is supposed to be so easy to develop for, why couldnt these graphics be on the 360. 360 is supposed to be a developers dream right. They havent had an extra year to develop it, its about the same time as it took for the 360, its not like they had the final dev kits since 2005. Come on people, PS3 will slowly start pulling away from the 360, its only a matter of time. I say one year max.

Dancryer5896d ago (Edited 5896d ago )

Jin have you played it on the 360 ? because I have and to be totally and utterly honest I cant see any difference between them ....

Deceased5896d ago

Is a dragqueen, I personally didn't see a difference. There will be no difference in graphics a year down the line.

PS3 has greater particle effects performance
XBox 360 has better texture performance

So all in all they have their weaknesses and strengths, I much rather see alot more textures than particle effects.

specialguest5896d ago

though the 360 will have better texture, it won't be anything far and beyond. particles, lighting effects, physics, and hundreds of different things working in real-time simultaneous is what creates the "magic" of a scene. that's just my opinion though.

BIadestarX5896d ago

Keep flipping burgers.
Stop trying to explain something that you don't understand. Only if you were able to understand that what these "graphics" are. Game assets are first made using programs like Maya, 3D studio max and other graphics tools. This translate to the more time developers have to work on these assets the better they will be. Do you actually think they they created every single game asset all over? hah! Consider the PS3 version a FN3.1 since they are using most of the game assets from the Xbox 360 version. Why do you think they call it port? "Also, if the 360 is supposed to be so easy to develop for, why couldnt these graphics be on the 360." for the same reason that no PS3 game look better than Gears Of War and for the same reason why PS2 games today look a lot better than all PS2 launch title. Do you understand? Or I have to explain to you that the console does not magically generates graphics, but that someone has to sit down and do it.

Anerythristic265896d ago

This is the game that alot of people are saying "look at the PS3 difference" I'm looking but it sure ain't obvious. Yes the game looks a little more polished, in other screens I noticed they perfected the sweat. I don't know what else to say. It's a year old game , enjoy it.

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The story is too old to be commented.