Crackdown Footage

Since the previous events it has been a little quiet around the cell-shaded Xbox 360 game Crackdown. Today this silence has been broken by a very big but rather impressive video of the game. (198 MB)

It was recorded during the X06 in Barcelona, but wasn't revealed earlier.

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TheMART5897d ago

Nice! This game is crazy, damn. And it shaped up really well from the early builds. The free roaming, the explosions, options, cars that morph very own kind of feel to it.

Forget when it came out but it seems like a real good exclusive again for 360. Probably need to buy another one... ;) MS knows how to make money, making a system with great games not saying by having a great expensive system but in the end having the less gaming experience.

Me like, I buy

THAMMER15896d ago

I just hope the story line is not corny. But co-op seen to be the star here.

peksi5896d ago

That looked very nice! Hope the game offers a bit more resistance than in the demo.

General5896d ago

Coop looks really fun to play with your mates, You could have a good laugh on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.