Was Batman choking Wonder Woman too much for the US?

Why are there two different statues for the Injustice Collector's Edition?

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Root3022d ago

I'm kind of glad Europe got the better's one of those "Once in a blue moon - We got a better Collectors Edition" times.

Can't wait for this :)

Snookies123022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I see EU getting better cases and collector's editions all the time lol. I'm constantly finding myself jealous. ;]

Root3022d ago

I suppose it could be that you like our editions more but then again "better cases" which I'm guessing you mean artwork isn't all that.

Americans usualy get better collectors editions and better deals on them aswell

For example take the Metal Gear Rising edition

The UK got a figure and the game = £99

The US got a massive lamp, a steelbook, dlc, the soundtrack = In Pounds roughly £93

Meaning we were paying more for less...and it happens a lot of the time. Usualy our better editions are games which nobody gives a crap about or games where the US has gotten some equally as good.

vickers5003021d ago


There's been a few collectors editions that America missed out on and got crappier versions of instead.

I don't keep up with CEs as much as I used to, but in recent memory, the Resistance 3 and Saints Row The Third collectors editions (the non-american versions) were far better in their respective countries.

Saint's Row The Third got(in australia I think) cuff links, an ice cube tray with the shape of bullets and some sunglasses. America got some crappy headphones that don't even work on consoles.

Resistance 3 in the UK got a cool duffel bag with a logo, a flask with the logo, some target practice posters, some army men and some playing cards. America got a crappy move/sharpshooter/game bundle. http://www.fromheroestoicon...

legionsoup3021d ago

I actually ordered the European version even though I live in the US. Free shipping. It actually cost slightly less than the US collector's edition.

Kevin ButIer3021d ago

Bad luck UK gamer

Gets Injustice better edition....

Still a UK gamer...

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kevinsheeks3021d ago

about time -.- don't worry though for every 1 good deal will get screwed 9 times over

IAmLee3021d ago

Was Batman choking Wonder Woman too much for the US? - No. It's a game for goodness sake...

Certz3021d ago

And its freaking Wonder Woman?! She's f***ing tough as nails! She'll probably break out of that choke hold within seconds.

Oh_Yeah3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Women did ask for equal treatment...and Wonder Women is probably the type that likes being choked anyhow.

hkgamer3021d ago

Or maybe wonder woman choking batman was too much for the people in UK/EU??
Ever think about that?

MaideninBlack3022d ago

Yes, it should have been Superman choking Wonder Woman. I mean, can Batman really beat Wonder Woman in a fair fight?

Root3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I thinks it's because Wonder Women in the story is on Supermans side.

It really should of been a statue of whats on the games art where Batman is going for Superman with a kryptonite shard.

jeffgoldwin3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Always wondered why Supie doesn't just make a suit out of lead to block kryptonite. I mean it would be so silly easy to make compared with say Batman finding rare/exotic kyrponite shards or building a custom bat jet.

MaideninBlack3021d ago

Yeah, that would have been better.

Didn't know SM and WW were on the same side in this. Thanks for clearing that up. Not really following the game myself.

Ezz20133021d ago


i don't know if you watched Superman/Batman movie
when they meet for the first time

Joker melt superman suit that block kryptonite
do you really think batman won't have a plan for something like that ?!

batman beat hulk,thor,superman,darkside,ba ne,killer crock etc

batman is not like any human

SilentNegotiator3021d ago

"batman beat hulk,thor"
In what?

And could say that about half of the characters in this game. I mean, how many of them would beat Superman in hand to hand combat in a regular issue of a DC comic?

pupunoob3021d ago

Hulk and Thor? At least troll properly.

Ezz20133021d ago

i knew you guys would not believe me
from batman vs hulk comic
batman knock hulk out

as for thor turn out i was wrong they never faced

BigPappaPump3021d ago

@ Ezz2013, I hope you know that crossover comic is not canon.

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HammadTheBeast3021d ago

But it's sexism if men are portrayed in this way.

nerdkiller3021d ago

batman did kill the entire justice league

Soldierone3022d ago

Considering people here cry about literally everything.... It was probably "sexist" so they decided to avoid that whole ordeal.

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jeffgoldwin3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

"A man hits a man: Meh, they were fighting."

Um dude, that's called assault in the real world and you go to jail. This is why you don't reference South Park for your basis of reality.

But yes, it is a socially considered worse to hit a women or child as it should be. Either way, your still getting some jail time if proven.

Soldierone3022d ago

They are making fun of a real world problem. It isn't just hitting someone. Look at everything.

Kratos has a perfect body of muscles, acts tough, runs around with a skirt and no shirt on. No problem at all.
A female character in another game has big boobs and a skimpy outfit and its "omg games are so horrible! Women are not like that!!! How sexist!" Yet who is cosplaying these same characters and taking it further? Women.

Similar thing here. If Batman was choking Superman, it would be perfectly fine. If anything it would be "cooler"

InMyOpinion3021d ago

@Soldierone - If the whole society was built around women having the power I might've agreed with you.

It's not, women still don't get to vote in many countries even.

It's women who have to worry about getting raped for dressing in a certain way, or going home by their self at night. Not you or Kratos.

Here's a word for you - patriarchal society. Google it. Read up.

hellvaguy3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

"If Batman was choking Superman, it would be perfectly fine."

Um no it wouldn't? That's still assault if we're talking about in the real world. In video games, it's a different story because it's just for fun and playing make believe on a cooler level.

I think jeffgoldwin was right, some of you here need to stop using south park and video games as your information source on societal norms and what is actually illegal. Also, you probably will want to go outside sometime in the near future as well.

Soldierone3022d ago

You guys are trying to twist the conversation into something entirely different. The game is about fighting, its about assault. So why is it a problem when its just a statue? No one here said it wasn't an assault.... and guess what, it's a statue about a fake story with fake characters, so technically no one is assaulting anyone and nothing is illegal.

If all you can do is insult someone, then obviously you are the one that needs a bit of education on the subject. Instead of pretending to go outside, how about do a little research on the matter? Completely avoided my other example, wonder why.....

Certain subjects in society give special treatment to certain groups. THATS the argument here, not "its assault." It happens in video games, movies, REAL LIFE, and "outside"

hellvaguy3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

"Kratos has a perfect body of muscles, acts tough, runs around with a skirt and no shirt on. No problem at all. A female character in another game has big boobs and a skimpy outfit and its omg games are so horrible."

Because in America women's breasts are sexual and men's not so much. Just a society norm, who cares? Go to Europe or watch porn if you need to see them so badly.

"Completely avoided my other example, wonder why....."

There I addressed your topic, which was stupidly obvious to begin with, didn't think it really needed to be commented on because it wasn't even worth mentioning.

If hypocrisies, just for the sake of being a double standard really bother you that much, I'll bet this one really burns you up inside: People will be much more offended to see a fat hairy guy wearing a thong, than they would be seeing a hot babe wearing the same thing at a beach. It is what it is. Get over it.

insomnium23021d ago

"That's still assault if we're talking about in the real world"

LOL at the image in my head as Superman sues Batman for assault. The court is now in session... LOOL!

DragonKnight3021d ago

Oh god, Anita Sarkeesian and Madam Sessler would have a FIELD DAY with this if it were over here. Frickin' political correctness B.S.

admiralvic3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Welcome to the pointless world of "political correct" arguments. The problem is these people don't seem to really understand the concepts of a valid argument. Like boxing / wrestling still exist in the world today, yet they instantly bring the argument to a new setting that doesn't even make sense. Like above all Batman is a vigilante, yet we're instead talking about assault, when it's probably more of a battery situation? How does that make anymore sense than anything anyone else brought up?

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matrixman923022d ago

maybe she liked it...ever think about that?

Sketchy_Galore3022d ago

I don't think it's too much at all, in fact I think every special edition of a game with so much as a cameo by a female character should come with a statue of Batman choking that character. From Lara Croft to Ms. Pacman. I'd buy them all.