Top 10 Worst Pokemon: I Don't Choose You

GR - "We take a look at ten of the worst Pokemon to ever grace the series."

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Valay3079d ago

Having just wrapped up Black/White 2, I personally prefer more of the original Pokemon than ones created for some of the more recent games.

Relientk773079d ago

Definitely agree with this

kirbyu3079d ago

Probably because you were a child when Gen 1 came out. If time travel is ever possible, I'm gonna go back in time to when Gen 1 was in development, show the developers pictures of the Vannil- trio and Garbador and see what happens.

AdvanceWarsSgt3079d ago

I'm the exact opposite: with each passing generation, I continue to realize how incredibly generic and weak most of the Gen1 pokes are.

trenso13079d ago

totally agree gen V was the worst for me the previous ones werent so bad

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skulldrey3079d ago

Original pokemon are best but bw 2 has some cool ones

Relientk773079d ago

The Pokemon from Blue/Red, and Silver/Gold are the best

raiden-493079d ago

Don't forget about yellow and crystal!!!

Samus HD3079d ago

Not fully agreeing
there are a lot more worse..

kirbyu3079d ago

Let me guess...because it's an Ice Cream Pokemon and no other reason at all.

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