Clover Studios' Final Interview?

Last week Capcom announced that it is shutting down Clover Studios, its brilliant development studio responsible for such unique games as Viewtiful Joe, Okami, and this week's release God Hand. A few weeks ago, 1UP had the opportunity to speak with Clover's president and star producer Atsushi Inaba, even though it was subsequently learned that he had already technically left the company by this time. Although it wasn't known that Clover was about to be dissolved, the absense of a future direction and the hint of sadness in his tone indicated something was likely afoot. Here are some highlights from our recent interview.

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PS360WII5891d ago

capcom didn't like the pressure of having a branch that was becoming just as big as them. How else can you explain a company that pumped out some extremly popular and great games suddenly getting the boot?

peksi5890d ago

That is a shame. Another kick in the head of free innovation.