Gears of War Limited Edition Packaging Revealed

People with too much money burning holes in their pockets will be deeply motivated to see what the packaging for the Gears of War Limited Edition looks like.

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specialguest5894d ago

pretty cool packaging. it'll be worth lots of money in the later future...maybe within 15-20 years.

God of Gaming5894d ago

Gotta say.. looks pretty good. My only worry.. is I HATE having games that dont fit on my dvd rack. Thats why I liked the Halo 2 tin as it fit perfectly. Does anyone know if a normal case is inside this or how is the game packaged exactly?

tatical5894d ago

When I preordered my PS3 they made me preorder a game too. I didn't like the selection so I preordered GoW. She rung me up for the collectors edition for $70 >:( [now I know what I'm getting].

THAMMER15894d ago

Games like this make it worth it.