IGN UK: WipEout HD Hands-on

At its heart, WipEout HD is a hyper-buffing of the PSP games that heralded both a commercial and critical rebirth for the series. But what a buffing this is, decking out the visuals in 1080p splendour and providing one of the most astounding looking titles on the PS3, surpassing the lowered expectations of a PSN title. Surfaces glisten and shine with the fervour of a supernova, while the ships bear the marks of action with some impressively charred textures. In motion it's nothing short of spectacular, although IGN'd dare to say that WipeOut's retro hallmarks might be in danger of dampening some of the HD impact – this is a view of the future culled from 1995 and as such the aesthetic can seem about as contemporary as combat trousers and Adidas Gazelles.

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azzam3896d ago

Comment on IGN
Anyone else got a ps3 instead of 360 because of this game? Or am I just insane or eccentric?
Trues Fan of this game :)

Vitalogy3895d ago


Well, you're just insane but, you did well to get a PS3 instead of 360 :)

I'd never buy a console inspired in just one game, i'll buy it inspired in what i can do with "her" behind the games too.

But hei, that's me.