Holocaust Survivor Criticizes WWII Game

The game "Imagination is the Only Escape" recently sparked controversy, becasue a holocaust survivor condemned the game. Jack Kagan says that he is mad at the concept of the game.

The game is about a boy in east France after the Germans invaded France, and the only way to escape the horror is through fantasy.

He said:

"The Holocaust is serious for all humanity and I don't think anyone should make this kind of game. I'm very upset by it," Mr Kagan said.

The game is being developed by 21-year-old Briton Luc Bernard, whose mother is Jewish. It is being produced by Alten8, a private company licensed to develop games for Nintendo UK.

Mr Bernard, who now lives in France, told the JC that the game was intended to educate people about the Holocaust.

"This is to educate children. I don't find war to be a game and this will not contain any violence. Lots of other war games just have a lot of shooting and don't really show what war is, but that's not what I'm doing," he said."

But Mr Kagan said: "This is not educational. Holocaust education should not be done through games of this nature. People can read and watch things about the Holocaust, they do not need these kinds of games."

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Dukester1013966d ago

Yes... we can do it. And we will do it... thank you very much. ;)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3966d ago

Frankly I have to agree with the guy,World War 2 games, are inaccurate and also fairly bad anyways.

Ridrick3966d ago

I agree.
We should play tetris, pong and chess.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3966d ago

3 of my most cherished games.

zane5473966d ago

While being a holocaust survivor I'm sure he's been through hell, and witnessed acts we couldn't even dream of picturing.

In this situation, however. Should people really be educated of the holocaust simply by reading and watching all the gore and blood spillage. Or be educated that war isn't the answer to everything?

The premise of the game seems to be that its teaching the latter, and Jack would prefer the former.

To determine the game as "not educational." is a little quick off the mark. The real question would be how well is it teaching its education?

This argument is far too open. Games get released that touch on far more sensitive subjects. I'd say allow it, let the public decide whether its educational or not.

VirusE3966d ago

"Or be educated that war isn't the answer to everything?" I am not saying that i don’t agree with you or that you are not right but you do realize that war was the answer to ending the holocaust right? Some things can only be resolved with war, it’s sad but true. Life is about shades of gray and EVERYTHING has a time and place, even war and killing. War has always existed and always will as long as people are born with different perceptions and ideas of how the world should work. Peace is simply nothing more than one group of people submitting to the will and ideals of another group of people for mutual benefit. Sooner or later the group that is submitting will grow tired of submitting and then boom we have a war. Unless you can make everyone agree on everything all the time war will never go away.

Marceles3966d ago

To sum it all up, some "games" just shouldnt be made if there's really no real winner. I'm sure no one wants to see a 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina game, but some people are just crazy enough to make them. Even if this game is made, no one would want to play it...especially for the DS.

zane5473966d ago

Good points too. Yeah I did know it was the only solution to the holocaust. But you hit the nail on the head with war being the answer to "some" things. Todays children/teens need to be educated that it's not the only answer.

I for one, however, do not agree wholehearedly with either party. I do not feel that this education should be done by taking a warbound situation and making light of it. But it seems thats the premise of this guys game, I can't fault his views on that, nobody can, what is a true way to teach?

My point was, games have been released on equally if not more so, sensitive subjects and have been either overlooked, or acclaimed i.e. almost every WWII shooter released. None of them accurately depict the horrors that those soldiers went through back then, they'll never be able to do it. The medal of honor game that opened with the Normandy shootings for example.

I don't really think you can educate at all by allowing interaction with a replicated experience.

My point was simply that this is not the only game with an open argument to it. I'm sure Jack could take issue with a few other war games out there too.

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