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Ben of Xboxer360 writes, "Double Dragon was one of those classic games that nearly all of us remember playing at some time or another, an archetype for the brawler genre it was a great arcade title which spawned a handful of sequels (include an indie classic, Abobo’s Big Adventure) and even a fairly awful movie in the 90’s.

Last year WayForward Technologies and Majesco Entertainment worked on the successful Double Dragon Neon, which played like a revamped sequel in the vein of Shank and many of the more recent brawlers to great effect. Reliving that arcade spirit of the eighties and nineties, with a naughties lick of paint. It was clear the series was dealt with love and care, which came across in the overall experience, so from that you’d expect more of the same, just some extra polish here and there. Unfortunately with Double Dragon II Wander of the Dragons, all of this love and care seems to have dissipated or possibly gone straight out of the window as GRAVITY and Barunson Creative Co. Ltd have delivered easily one of the worst game experiences on the XBLA right now."

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