Why Microsoft should be worried about new NPD sales figures

The console sales numbers for February are here, and sales yet to slow down appreciably from the phenomenal year we had in 2007. But Microsoft has cause for concern about Sony's performance. The Xbox 360 maker told us to expect this a slow month due to supply constraints, but many observers won't concern themselves with the whys of a second consecutive disappointing month. Instead, the story will be that Sony has smoked Microsoft two months running. Sony now has some strong momentum that it can ride into the launch of industry juggernauts like Metal Gear Solid 4-which Sony will exploit with a new system bundle to draw in first-time PS3 buyers-and Gran Turismo 5: Prologue.

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Add in the fact that Sony is now sitting on the de-facto high-definition standard in Blu-ray and the PlayStation 3 is by far the most future proof-and affordable-Blu-ray player, it has a distinct advantage for consumers who want more than just games out of their consoles. According to another study by the NPD Group, gamers are a very media-hungry bunch, and the PlayStation 3 simply gives them more choices in that area than the Xbox 360.

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jctoyou5975d ago (Edited 5975d ago )

people are at last waking up to the ps3,if you want the best pay a bit more!if your a skinflint get a cheaper console that wont last,isn,t futureproof,i know!!!get a 360!

InYourMom5975d ago

if you just want a superior "next-gen" game library get a 360.

Still on my first 360 with no problems over 2 years now.

The "skinflints" are the ones who only own PS3 or 360. If you want the ultimate experience own both(or all 3).

Danja5975d ago

if you want the ultimate Next gen experience Just buy a PS3,...

if you want to play the good so called 360 exclusives just upgrade ur PC..

Breakfast5975d ago

If you really want the "ultimate Next gen experience" buy both, and experience a full range of games. But thats probably to much to ask for on this site.

kornbeaner5975d ago

I now know why you are the most important meal of the day.

Mr Playboy5975d ago (Edited 5975d ago )

"if you want to play the good so called 360 exclusives just upgrade ur PC and wait for one more year until the 360 owners had enough of it and they are waiting for the next sequel to come later while we play the old one "

know seems more logical to me bro

longduckdong5974d ago

every 360 owner will either

A- Buy a PS3


B- Buy the next XBOX in a year or so

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PSWe605975d ago (Edited 5975d ago )

if the 360 sells less consoles than the orignal X-Box.
PS3 sales are picking up and the AAA stuff hasn't shown up yet.
As for Nintendo, well kidies enjoy your $250 paper weight because you got Smash Bros. and Mario Kart and that's it.

The Fungus5975d ago

As far as the Wii being a paper weight, I think it's too objective to say.

"well kidies enjoy your $250 paper weight because you got Smash Bros. and Mario Kart and that's it." -you

No, those games aren't all they have. Those are the only games that interest YOU. What do you think people are buying the Wii for before those games? People certainly aren't going to buy something they know isn't good. Besides, If it turned out to be as bad of an experience as you make it sound, MILLIONS of customers would be really upset and the console wouldn't still be selling like McDonalds Senior Citizen Coffee. My point is, the Wii is doing something right. If it doesn't appeal to you and/or the audience you represent, then no big deal. All you need to do is recognize that its objective and stop speaking so definitively. Simple.

kornbeaner5975d ago

Smash brothers for those that have played it and enjoy it has some of the best replay value in the history of gaming and now with online battles this is gonna be the Halo 2 of the Wii. It will be played long after the the new Nintendo system is out, If not longer. Honestly I can see this game being played until the new smash bros game comes out, whenever that is gonna be.

Nathaniel_Drake5975d ago

While I agree with you that the main games on Nintendo are scarce, it compensates with staying power

On the gamecube Smash bros lasted me for a year or more, never getting tired of it, and Mario cart double dash lasted me a long time as my cousin and us had it we played 4 player cart races till the cows came home

Sony PublicRelations5975d ago

Absolutely. We here at Sony Corporation (ソニー株式会社, Sonī Kabushiki-gaisha) are delighted to hear that the citizens of the United States are finally able to appreciate the power and value of the PLAYSTATION®3 Computer Entertainment System are proud to have our PLAYSTATION®3 in the hands of many gamers. Unlike our competition's hardware, we believe that everything you need should be included in one nice simple package and do not want to exploit your need for other features, such as extra storage space, WiFi, High Definition movies, Online play, and so on, by over-charging you for addons. No. We want you to buy games. We here at Sony Corporation (ソニー株式会社, Sonī Kabushiki-gaisha) and Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated (株式会社ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメント, Kabushiki Gaisha Sonī Konpyūta Entateinmento) cater to the gamer, not the gamer's wallet. There is no better time than now to pick up a PLAYSTATION®3 Computer Entertainment System in leu of the monster exclusive and multiplatform titles that will be released this year and beyond. If you buy the competition's console, all you have to look forward to are 2 extra "episodic" missions for $50/each.

We appreciate your business.

Thank you,

Sony Computer Entertainment, Incorporated - PLAYSTATION®3: PLAYB3YOND.

Sony Corporation: like.no.other

Nathaniel_Drake5975d ago

I'm thinking Mario Kart will be the better online game, I don't have a Wii but having online eliminates having to go to your friends or relatives house to play multiplayer, and Nintendo's multiplayer first party games are a different beast compared to Playstation's and 360's

kornbeaner5975d ago

I honestly don't think having online play eliminates Nintendos Multiplayer aspect but rather expands on it. The Wii itself is small enough to still warrant moving it in order to play at a friends or relative house, but then when people are busy you still have the online aspect to keep you good until friends and relative are available again.

PSWe605974d ago

Smash Bros. Brawl is having a Sh!t load of problems going on line. This is too good. Seems like Nintendo is good at screwing it's own Nintendo fanboys. Pay and Whine fools!

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captainjy5975d ago

Clearly a case of someone who does not know business or trends. And next month and the month after, the tides will turn back. I don't see any cause for panic at all. Even with the hardware failures and the low stock, the 360 is still in great shape. GTA 4 will be ugly for the Phonyboys.

Danja5975d ago

Funny thing is you xbots make it seems like GTA4 is 360 exclusive or that the DLC will be available the same day GTA4 launches...both consoles will end up with the same game on day one..

BTW: PS3 version is superior also..so dont expect this to move..1 million 360's....infact it will move more PS3's..

eagle215975d ago (Edited 5975d ago )

my bro Danja set you straight....lol

mighty_douche5975d ago

What is it with the constant flow of threads revolving around MS and Feb's NPD numbers?

So it got out sold big deal, win some you lose some.

How about GTA having 15 multiplayer mode's! How rad is that!?

BeaArthur5975d ago

Most hardcore gamers end up buying both anyways.

DiabloRising5975d ago

Gamers no longer care about games Mighty, they only care about cheerleading the faceless corporations that butt rape their wallets in an attempt to justify their own purchases and male superiority among other hobbyists.

mighty_douche5975d ago

"butt rape their wallets"

Damn and i keep my wallet in my back pocket, well not anymore i tell ya, not.. any.. more..

kornbeaner5975d ago

Unfortunately, this generation has seen such a widespread of fanboys coming out of nowhere. I really don't recall this being an issue ever, maybe back in the SNES/GENESIS days but not as bad as it is now. It seems that if somebody doesn't soley support one console or one genre you can't be considered "HARDCORE"....what a crock.

Man I'm, old school, Let me put in a few OT hours here at work and I'll own just about anything available right now. A Wii, PS3(own), 360, DS(own), PSP, build me a gaming rig (PC, for those wondering) man I even want a few arcade cabinets for the home, (most likly DDR and SF4 when released).

When you can have that love and passion for the industry (which I can sense on this #3 thread) thats what makes you hardcore, not the fact that you would pull off a Peter Moore and get some idiotic tatoo, which doesn't make much sense now, that doesn't make you hardcore that just makes you an idiot.

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meepmoopmeep5975d ago (Edited 5975d ago )

it's obvious MS is nervous... what else explains all this PR talk lately. they use to boast sales numbers at every convention and now they say it doesn't matter anymore? wow.