MapleStory ... the MMORPG Seven Times More Popular Than WoW?

Gamespot or IGN or any other major gaming web site, they all have no information on this game (it's not even listed in GameRankings). Yet this side-scrolling MMORPG game is wildly popular with an unofficial 50 million players worldwide. That would make MapleStory seven times more popular than World of Warcraft ... how can this be?

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MoKa5890d ago

Heres the reason behind Maple Story and their "50 million unofficial players", this game is free, hacks galore to the max. I wouldn't say more popular, I'd just say people don't feel like forking over 18$ a month to play a game.

specialguest5889d ago

damn, i never knew this free game exist. ima jump on it right away.

kornbeaner5889d ago

My little brother has been on this for about 1 year now and loves the game. Pretty simple hack and slash formula with thing to tinker with on the side. But it can get very addicting. About time they get some sort of coverage. I just hope this doesn't mean monthly charges now :(