Next-gen mobile Kepler graphics demoed

Jen-Hsun Huang took to the stage during NVIDIA's recent investor day to show off an interesting video, which VentureBeat fortunately managed to capture. It's embedded after the break and consists of two contrasting parts: footage of a current "state of the art" iPad game that we don't immediately recognize, and then footage of Battlefield 3 running on unknown tablet hardware containing a next-gen Kepler mobile GPU -- possibly Logan. We're not sure Huang picked the strongest iPad example for comparison, but it's fair to say the difference is immediately obvious, with the Kepler section bearing dynamic lighting, particle effects, shadows and HDR lighting that appear to deliver a more console-level experience. All in all, it potentially looks like an NVIDIA chip to rival the coming breed of AMD Temash tablets, which we've already seen running Dirt Showdown at low wattages.

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Pain_Killer3636d ago

Battlefield 3 on Tegra 5 logan!

Mobiles are really picking up the pace, technically. Goes to show off the amazing architecture that is NVIDIA's Kepler.

Hopefully, with the Maxwell and Denver equipped Tegra 6 Parker, mobiles would be able to play Battlefield 4 too.