GTA 4 multiplayer modes revealed

Latest PSM magazine from Spain reveal there will be 15 multiplayer modes

Game Modes:

Hangmans NOOSE
Car Jack City
Bomb da Base
Bomb da Base II
Mafia Work
Team Mafia Work
Team Deathmatch
Turf War
Cops N Crooks
GTA Race
Deal Breaker
Free Roam


The host of the game makes the rules, in "Race" and GTA Race" he decides the vehicles and laps, in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch he decides the number of peds, the flow of traffic, the intervention of police and the weapons. We tried a match, all of us armed with rocket launchers, half of city lighting up. (or something like that)

Mafia and Team Mafia work, you will play as one of Kenny Petrovics mafia henchmen, competing to complete hits ordered by the boss over your phone before your rivals. In "cops n crooks" A group of players will play as police, other as criminal, the police must make sure they don't escape alive, they can also see the criminals location ont heir GPS while criminals have no clue as where the police are.

Also in the single player mission "hangmans Noose" there will be co-op, the mission you and your friends will be able to escort a mafia man, while ambushed by the SWAT, but it doesn't end there, carjack, turfwar, bomb da base II, free mode, the 100 hours of single player are nothing compared to the 10 years of multiplayer.

Also, there are a total of 15 multi player modes, all accessed through your cellphone. You will be able to CREATE YOUR CHARACTER FOR ONLINE, change his race, sex, skin color, hair, clothing. 16 players online.

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mighty_douche5008d ago

15!? I'm amazed, i would of settled for just Deathmatch or something, this is fantastic!

Can't wait to see all you guy's on there!!

sonarus5008d ago

lol. would be interesting to see how multiplayer develops on GTA since this is their first multiplayer offering. Can anyone expand on the other game modes. Only one i understand there is deathmatch and team deathmatch

mighty_douche5008d ago

Here a few douche guess'...

Free Roam: obviously everyone is free to do as they please.

Cops N Crooks: Some of you play as police, some as criminals, cops have to catch the criminals.

Bomb da base: bomb a specific part of the map thats defended (whether by players ot NPC's)

NOOSE: Challanges set to you and your friends, you lose 1, get an N, then an O, another O, etc untill one of you has NOOSE (the loser)

Turf War: each given a pice of the map and have to increase your area, maybe like Zones in WarHawk

pandabear5008d ago

I know Cops n crooks - this is my favourite, I suggested a while back that this would make an amazing online game type but didn't expect it!!! It is just going to be crazy.

In "cops n crooks" A group of players will play as police, other as criminal, the police must make sure they don't escape alive, they can also see the criminals location ont heir GPS while criminals have no clue as where the police are.

Theres the deal breaker for me!!!

mikeslemonade5008d ago

I was about to cancel my pre-order but GTA4 has just pulled me back in. I wanted a good online experience and this definitely meets the expectations.

CRIMS0N_W0LF5008d ago

GTA san andreas on PC has MP -_-

sonarus5008d ago

Wow i am actually quite impressed with their online offerings. They have subjectively increased the value for money you will get for this game.

Ben10545008d ago

if you will be able to get police on you while online.
imagine it, seeing someone online with 6 wanted stars,(i know there not using the star system for police now) getting chased by tanks and everything and you can just sit back and laugh

socomnick5008d ago

Im a bit worried the netcode will be crap. I remember the netcode was crap for that tennis game that rockstar made.

RecSpec5008d ago

Didn't the PSP games have some kind of multiplayer?

Ice2ms5008d ago

The PSP had MP ye but I dont think it was online just local.
It Had 10 Modes

Exhaust5008d ago

Liberty City Stories on PSP had local WiFi multiplayer and it was actually pretty good. You could tell it was their first go at it as it needed a bit more polish but it was still really fun.

Saint's Row multiplayer was actually pretty influenced by the Liberty City Stories modes. For example Saint's Row ripped off the steal your enemy's ride and bring it to your base mode type.

xhi45007d ago

So I can just invite a mate over to my lib. city, drive round chilax and shoot me some pedro's lol

dats all i need!

holy my goshness is this game unbelievable!

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BigKev455008d ago


Breakfast5008d ago

I love rockstar...they always improve on every gta game. They refine it a bit and always add new features. I cant wait for this game :)

SeanScythe5008d ago

Free Roam, DM, TDM, & Cops N Crooks sounds like I may have a new online game to play. Can't wait!

solar5008d ago

hey cool. ill check it out but highly doubt ill make it a point to play much gta MP.

mighty_douche5008d ago (Edited 5008d ago )

But at least the option is there! I'm the opposite, most of my GTA time is spent messing around, finding jumps, cop chase's or maybe even beating up grannies with baseball bats lol... So to me "Free Roam" sounds perfect, I can do all the things i listed above with one or more friends or maybe even strangers.

My dream would be to allow you to continue with your mission/objectives while playing online, id love to see some other dud come screaming past, followed by the FBI while I'm popping into my b*tchs house for some hot coffee!

solar5008d ago


ya at least its there. i keep my online gaming to my PC. less brats :P