PSU talks with Idol Minds on upcoming PAIN content

PSU reports:

"Today saw the release of two extra characters for the popular PlayStation Network title, PAIN. Along with these new additions, we're also aware of plans to release an environmental-based add-on at some point in the near future . Due to this, we thought we'd get in touch with Idol Minds, creators of the game, in order to discuss any current and future endeavors that the studio has planned.

Our interview was conducted with Jason Coker, Associate Producer on PAIN at Idol Minds. Read on to find out what he had to say."

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pwnsause3868d ago

Idol Minds, Make another Coolboarders Damn it!

c-redz3868d ago

on a real note i havent touched this game since jan. and it is taking way to long 4 a new world to come out!!!

mighty_douche3868d ago

Really depressing hearing about additional content when you still havent even got the game : ( EU FTL

fenderputty3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

It's something I played for a while and something I occasionally toss in if I only have 5 min of time. It's not something to be upset over though. The online content is rather lame too. I don't want to pay a dollar for a different character. They should have put more characters in the game in the first place. Release a new world for me to blow up and then I might consider dropping some scrilla on the game again. Probably not though.

Keowrath3868d ago

I agree MD, extra PAIN content? How about even some PAIN content to those outside the US?

I don't expect the game to be a world beater, I just wanna throw virtual character into a dynamic world every now and then. I feel it's a game to have when mates are round and we're not 100% focused on the PS3.