What's Your Favourite PlayStation Startup Sequence?

Push Square: "While it’s difficult to topple the trembling sense of anticipation that comes when you greedily tug at the cellophane concealing a brand new piece of hardware, watching said system’s startup screen for the very first time gives the momentous occasion a run for its money. Ever since the very first PlayStation took the world by storm, Sony has made a point of manufacturing memorable boot sequences for its portfolio of platforms, resulting in a family of unforgettable animations and sounds.

"Chances are, you’ll have seen and heard the following idents thousands of times. They are as much a part of gaming as the adventures that they have prefaced, and are all individually inspired for their own unique reasons. But while we wait anxiously to see if the PlayStation 4’s introduction is more interesting than the PlayStation Vita’s, which of the subsequent startup sequences is your favourite?"

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Nitrowolf22108d ago

For me its the PS1. Love that start up and nothing like bring back those memories.

ApolloTheBoss2108d ago

They should really bring that back for the PS4. Putting icing on a cake that's too damn good already.

cervantes992108d ago

Yep, PS1 start up was the best.

iGAM3R-VIII2108d ago

The noise that the PS2 made when it started up was beautiful and I hope it is in the PS4

NukaCola2108d ago

SEEEEEGGGGGGAAAAAA!!! Or the whispering Dreamcast

Classic before titles like Sonic

HammadTheBeast2107d ago

Dreamcast was cool, but not Playstation as the article says. For myself, I loved the Canadian PS1 sound. I think it was Canadian. I mean the small compact white one.

NukaCola2107d ago

Yeah I didnt even catch that. Just started remembering console log

For the PS, Oddworld still opens up ever so most epically.

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Magnus2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Ps1 for sure still love that noise when the Playstaion logo popped up. And the PS3 ding before Sony dropped it.

DownNotOut2108d ago

the ps2 and those towers... good times

SKUD2108d ago

PS1. Followed by GT1 or Ridge Racer Type 4 intro. Good times.

Akuma2K2108d ago

PS1 startup brings back memories, always loved the startup right before i played Resident Evil and Streetfighter Alpha.....those were the days.

abzdine2108d ago

I remember we were trying to "sing" the PS1 startup with my friends! It's impossible but lots of fun!

I remember PS1 start up followed by Winning Eleven.. Soccer was what i played most on PS1 we missed classes to organize tournaments back in the days LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.