X360 Finds the Source

Source, the engine technology that helped the space geniuses at Valve power the award-winning FPS Half-Life 2, is now available to Xbox 360 developers. Source is one of the top engines used in game development today. It offers state of the art performance in graphics, networking, AI, and physics. Source's official availability as a middleware solution for X360 devs could help bring more good games to X360 gamers.

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zonetrooper55887d ago

The source engine is an amazing engine and i think more games should use it. But there is Unreal Engine as well which is excellent.

Mattey5887d ago

I think every ones what this means, counter-strike source is coming to xbox 360. YEYE!!!

LuminousAphid5887d ago

Fear needs this. That game looks so horrible compared to HL2, and it came out later.