X360 Finds the Source

Source, the engine technology that helped the space geniuses at Valve power the award-winning FPS Half-Life 2, is now available to Xbox 360 developers. Source is one of the top engines used in game development today. It offers state of the art performance in graphics, networking, AI, and physics. Source's official availability as a middleware solution for X360 devs could help bring more good games to X360 gamers.

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zonetrooper56340d ago

The source engine is an amazing engine and i think more games should use it. But there is Unreal Engine as well which is excellent.

Mattey6340d ago

I think every ones what this means, counter-strike source is coming to xbox 360. YEYE!!!

LuminousAphid6339d ago

Fear needs this. That game looks so horrible compared to HL2, and it came out later.


The future of Xbox: Will history remember 'the end of exclusive games' as the right choice?

A gamble that could pay off, or backfire.

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Jin_Sakai1d 2h ago

Xbox is pretty much irrelevant at this point and PlayStation will open up a massive player base for Xbox games.

Obscure_Observer6h ago

Yeah, it´s so "irrelevant" that even publishers and developers that used to skip Xbox and keep their games exclusive to either or both Nintendo and Sony, are now heading towards to Series Consoles.

Playstation "massive" player base couldn´t prevent Sony from losing freaking 10 Billion after its latest financial report, and PC which used to be treated as Sony´s *main* competitor according to Andrew House, is now their main partner.

Those are the facts.

2h ago
Crows902h ago

Another fact for you. Developments is pretty standardized now compared to before.

Many games still skip Xbox consoles.

Ironmike21m ago

Sony going to be doing the same watch next Yr

BobManoak19m ago

“Another fact for you. Developments is pretty standardized now compared to before.”

Spoken as someone who has no idea what he’s talking about. Still entirely different SDKs, OS, graphics APIs, tools and so on… not standardized at all.

Obscure is right - Sony are essentially going in the same direction. PS isn’t doing great right now.

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-Foxtrot22h ago

I hate the idea of consoles losing exclusive games, I'd be gutted if Sony or Nintendo started putting their games on whatever willy nilly as you've got to have that special "ooomf" to justify the purchase of each one.

However in Xbox's case they've been heading down this path for years now, not just because of Microsoft's new business goals but because of their own silly decisions. Microsoft buying up two massive publishers paved the way for them to become a huge third party publisher themselves and in years to come more games will come to other consoles

If you think they will stop at just 4 games then you are lying to yourselves

Lightning773h ago

Nobody suspects they'll ll stop at 4. They're just testing the waters. If they succeed expect more of those types of games to make the jump.

EvertonFC3h ago

"If they succeed" well we know the answer to that already, so basically a 3rd party company in 3 years.

2h ago
heywardTV29m ago

I expect more and not just those types of games no matter how desperately you keep pushing that narrative. Man you must love eating crow.

Lightning772h ago

@Ever riiiight They're releasing a new gen console.

So much for 3 years I guess.

@landy get lost spam bot.

Obscure_Observer1h ago

"If you think they will stop at just 4 games then you are lying to yourselves"

Well, I believe more games will come eventually. Just not the ones you´re expecting.

They´re already announced their plans to release another powerful next gen system. So to assume they´ll release their major system-sellers on both Nintendo and Sony´s systems is silly to say at least.

"I'd be gutted if Sony or Nintendo started putting their games on whatever willy nilly as you've got to have that special "ooomf" to justify the purchase of each one."

I wonder if Playstation consoles will be worth for you in the future as more and more games will making its way to PC.

I believe Nintendo will be the only one of the big three to remain loyal to console gaming only for the foreseeable future.

heywardTV28m ago

I believe you will be eating another plate of crow but you must be use to it by now.

MrDead31m ago(Edited 30m ago)

It's funny now MS is multiplatform it's own platform will be it's smallest customer base. They purchased publishers and studios that profit the least from Xbox and now MS is taking control away from Xbox heads and making multiplatform games multiplatform again!?!.. MS is the worst thing to ever happen to the gaming industry so far, lets see what damage their dream of rentals only does to gaming, their horrendous mergers have already crapped on the workforce and left fans of franchises in limbo.

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XiNatsuDragnel18h ago

I won't like exclusives for platforms entirely go away because it negs the validity of a purchase.

2h ago
isarai1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

My thing is, making a game exclusively for one console allows the developers to get closer to to the medal, and get more out of their games than other developers on their platform. That's why first party games no matter the platform or generation have always been a step above everyone else, and have spearheaded technology far ahead of anyone else besides the rare outliers like Rockstar.

That has always been a huge draw for me as a gamer, and it would really suck to see that go away.

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