What The Heck is Going on with the Xbox Supply?

It looks like there are some strange things going on over at Microsoft with the Xbox. It ends up the shortage of Xbox 360 systems have dramatically hit system sales for two months in a row. Having the supply problems last this long might mean that there is a problem with the parts supply or manufacturing. This is with the current "Falcon" Xbox 360 and is going on parallel to the development of "Jasper", "Opus" and "Valhalla" Xbox 360 systems.

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JohnRico4730d ago

The idiots at Microsoft are to busy focusing on Japan which is a lost cause


I agree. F*ck Japan. They should have only focussed on the Western markets from the start. Japanese gamers are twisted.

HighDefinition4730d ago

A. MS doesn`t want to own up to getting beat lately.(which would be why they cut their prices)

B. They are trying to make a more "reliable" system and are having troubles.

Those are the only 2 possible reasons and both of them aren`t good.

If they successfully achieve B. then it`s great. But as it stands, having troubles doing that is bad.

Lord Vader4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

I agree. The only thing that makes any sense, assuming there is truth to the shortages, is either A or B.

My money's on B.

4730d ago
ip-student4730d ago

I am not sure about troubles but probably the normal issues of ramping up production with a new SKU (the 60 gig version).

Still - you have to expect sales to trail off at some point as there have not bee a big price drop yet and the price is still pretty high for mass market. Once things drop to about $250 we will see supply problems (and I am not talking about the silly arcade - that model should be dropped so we can all use the HDD for something other than demos).

ColdWinter4730d ago

this whole shortage thing is BS. I mean why would they make a price cut if there is a shortage.

sonarus4730d ago

Its a combination of 4 things A, B,
the C. RROD could be taking from their supply. It would make sense for them to slow down supply if they are receiving returns at an overwhelming rate. However MSoft has deep pockets so i doubt the decreased supply is due to that
D. They are stocking up supply for GTA4 which is showing some tremendous confidence for MSoft. With sony's momentum rolling into this yr i fully expect GTA4 to have a bigger impact on PS3 hardware than on Microsoft.

travelguy2k4730d ago

How stupid does Microsoft think the consumer is?

I mean, they are in the middle of a shortage crisis and they go and do a huge price drop in Europe?

Really? Thats the answer to a shortage... Nintendo should have thought of that as they have had a shortage every month since release and they haven't dropped the price yet. I guess Nintendo doesn't know what there doing...stupid Japanese. <sarcasm>

zane_78494730d ago

Has anyone actually seen this shortage? I work at a larger department store in my area and we have not run out of Xbox 360's all year. Wii's sell out within an hour or so, DS's don't last more than a a couple days, PS3's sell out about every 4-5 days, there is a case full of 360's at all times. The only thing that I have noticed is the backstock of Arcade units is getting larger, so no I don't think there is a supply problem but they might have oversaturated the market with an unwanted gimped version of the system that is not selling. Then again I don't really think 2008 is going to be a good year for the 360 overall, it might have to deal with last year being it's peak and try to move on humbly.

Ju4730d ago

I was just gonna say, well last time I check at my local Best Buy they had 3 times more 360s on shelf then PS3s. But I never believed in this "my local shop" stuff. So, who knows. I find it hard to believe, though, considering they are lowering the prices in Europe - and sold the least since a while there (they simply could have had re-allocated shipments from Europe to US).

fanboi hater4729d ago

same dude i've been to my target and best buy recently and the 360 case was full while there were no wiis and only 1 ps3. The 360 wasn't just full of arcade models either. They had two elite, 3 premium and like four arcade (target).

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UnblessedSoul4730d ago

My guess is there's too many RROD's and they are taking longer to fix them

SIX4730d ago

There are no shortages! OMG! Who keeps writting this stuff?

Premonition4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

MS is very smart, making these sites their puppet, making other sites believe there are shortages so they write these claims and they become news and then it spreads through the internet, and BAM MS says we have done our jobs the masses think we really have shortages even though most of the stores say otherwise.

dale14730d ago

trying to copy the wi only trouble is there new designs are more flawed than the last as they are finding out