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GR-UK writes: "The previous significant injection of content for Civ V came in the form of Gods & Kings, where the emphasis was firmly on spicing up the early game with the addition of religion. Espionage played its part later on in proceedings, but it perhaps didn't provide enough va-va-voom to V's endgame. Firaxis are looking to fix this, and Brave New World is their attempt to make the late game more compelling."

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Xof4086d ago

LMFAO. Sounds even more half-assed than Gods & Kings. I didn't even think that was possible.

How much will they be charging for a "trade routes" and "the Senate from Rome: Total War?" $40 again?

FarEastOrient4086d ago

Don't give them ideas on how to create more payable DLC.

I'll probably still dump another 120 hours when this is released.

FAT MAN GO BOOM4086d ago

In Like Flynn sorry....

I love this game and can't wait to see this DLC

knight6265124d ago

Only game iam waiting for is for mafia 2 nothing else intrest me well only Metal gear solid peace walkers but ill get that soon

Conloles5124d ago

Mafia 2 lol all 2K get money from is GTA style games and Nba 2K.

MightyMark4275124d ago

The only game I'm waiting for is Mafia II

killyourfm5124d ago

O_O - Not interested in XCOM?

Syaz15124d ago

nice. waiting to see what mafia 2 and spec ops the line has too offer. not into rts games, so civ 5 not for me, and not too familiar with x-com series.

AliTheBrit195124d ago

I think 2K are probably the best Publisher.

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mandf518d ago

I know the shame. Not this game but I have about 5 different games with humiliating time in them.

sadraiden518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

It's about 4-5 hours a day, every day since launch.

Edits: bad math initially.


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