MotorStorm Mouth Off

IGN tracked down Simon Benson, producer at Evolutions Studios, to grill him over what gamers can expect to see in the final game.

IGN: The original MotorStorm E3 trailer looked incredible. How confident are you that the final version of the game will look as good as (or better than) that trailer?

Simon Benson: Obviously we are very proud of what we have achieved with the look of MotorStorm but, more significantly, we are proud of MotorStorm as a whole. The popularity of the trailer wasn't just down to the way it looked, but also the experience that it promised. We are confident that we have managed to translate the incredible moment-to-moment action of the original trailer into the game, which was by far the most challenging task. As for the visuals, people on forums are still looking at our latest screen shots and arguing over whether they are actually in-game shots or from another pre-rendered movie, so I guess that's the proof you're looking for...

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DJ5891d ago

Thank god they're overhauling the speed and death camera. How they can possibly improve the AI even more is beyond me, but it's awesome that they're trying it. Only a few more weeks till launch, so it'll be exciting to see how much of a difference 2 months of polish is going to do to this already amazing-looking title.

It was nice to see that the developers have been paying some attention to forums and seeing how a lot people still claim that it's call prerendered video. =P

Scythesean5891d ago

is this coming out at launch? I thought it wasn't coming out until March. That's what the paper at gamestop said when I preordered it.

JIN KAZAMA5891d ago

like now. It looked awesome already, the only thing missing was the speed. But I bet the game looks a whole lot better now, with much faster speed. I cant wait to get my ahnds on this game, there is no other racer out there like this. I'll be waiting in line on the 17th, hopefully i can grab a PS3, if I cant get a PS3, i will get a 360............NOT!!

Grown Folks Talk5891d ago (Edited 5891d ago )

has march 2nd, but they also list alan wake as a ps3 title even though microsoft is publishing that game. there was a launch title article posted here a while back. scroll through the past articles and you should find it.

kmis875891d ago

I've heard that it was a "launch window" title and that a release in november or december was expected.

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Scythesean5891d ago (Edited 5891d ago )

Release Date: Q1 2007

UK RELEASE: 30-Mar-2007 (Upcoming) | NORDIC RELEASE: 30-Mar-2007 (Upcoming) | US RELEASE: 17-Nov-2006 (Upcoming)

Antan5891d ago

Getting to be a really hot title if this latest developer interview is anything to go by.