Gears of War demo?

On UK's official Xbox page of information about the Microsoft points you can buy to download content from the marketplace, there's a picture on the site that reads 'Gears of War DEMO'.

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shotty4479d ago

Demo after launch is what I heard.

pbo2m34479d ago

they've always stated that they wouldn't release a demo before launch or not one at all. Why release it after launch, everybody I know is getting this game.

Marriot VP4479d ago

demos is a horrible option for a game that will sell a lot. Remember GRAW and COD2, no demo until 3-5 months after because they knew demos would hurt AAA titles because it delays purchases and encourages people to back out.

demos should only be done with games that NEED exposure.

TheMART4479d ago

Could only be to hype up over and over because game sites pick it up and ppl are talking about it...

TheMART4479d ago

It still online saying that... If it was a thing brought too soon, wouldn't MS kill it instantly

nirwanda4479d ago

don't start charging for demos

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