Dear Microsoft: Giving the next Xbox an always online requirement might be suicidal

The stunning decline in PC shipments reported by IDC this week shows that Microsoft (MSFT) is really on the ropes in the consumer electronics market. What makes IDC’s report particularly cringe-worthy for Microsoft is that it pins some of the blame for poor PC sales on the drastic changes that Microsoft made to its Windows operating system with Windows 8.

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Cocozero2016d ago

Always online articles are so last week

AngelicIceDiamond2016d ago

Last week journalist and fans were all over MS's back over that statement by that MS employee. A week later new positive rumors start to surface. In a "damage control fashion."

Yeah that guy literally put the icing on the cake with the rumors. But he did everyone a favor and, somewhat "forced MS hand." Lol if anybody can get MS to "talk" its their own employees.

ApolloTheBoss2016d ago

Don't worry. This isn't the 7th time I've seen an article like this.

dcbronco2016d ago

Much more than that. But I'm waiting for number 23 before I make a real comment.

Donnieboi2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Not another one of these articles -_-. We get like 40 of these daily yet there's still people who think they have something to contribute to the discussion. I think it's obvious by now why a DRM console is unpopular with customers.

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