Splinter Cell demo displeasure

Over the weekend Ubisoft, in true spy tradition, sneaked a multiplayer demo of their highly anticipated Splinter Cell Double Agent onto Xbox Live Marketplace.

But after the fans initial jubilation, some forums have since been ringing with the sound of disgruntled whispers...

The problems seem to stem from the inability to host private games, which has meant that anyone hoping to play with their online buddies is set to be disappointed. But this hasn't stopped people from trying, which in turn has lead to another niggle - hosts quitting games. And these problems, albeit created by the players themselves, is not the only concern. Many have complained that trying to join a game of any nature is time consuming - so to finally get connected and have the host quit, kicking the remaining players in the process, has left more than just a few frustrated.

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shotty5895d ago

Yup, that was the problem, the demo had private games disabled. So people host a game and keep kicking people out until their friends got into the match. Obviously the full version has private matches but they should have put it in the demo.

power of Green 5895d ago (Edited 5895d ago )

A little buggy at times. This thing sucked and it was badass at the same time, i guess it will take some time to get use to it, i think it was a little more than people were expecting( too complex).

THWIP5895d ago

I was so pissed off by this.....what a waste of download time/space. Not being able to set up a match, it was impossible to tell if there were any improvements over SC3. I got sick of trying to play that game with my friends, because it disabled open chat, and kicked you back out to the MAIN MENU!!, after every session. Completely retarded.

Cyclonus5895d ago

I tried for two hours to get into a game, but it just stayed at the "joining" screen forever. And even when it finally did put me in a room, I'd get kicked instantly.

So I said f*** it, and deleted the damn thing. The netcode is just atrocious. Even if I DID buy SC:DA(I won't), it would be for the SP alone.

First impressions, Ubisoft, first impressons...

power of Green 5895d ago

The SP will be off the hook i just think this genre won't appeal to the masses for online even if there wasn't any problems technically. The story and how you can change it will be GGRRRREEEEAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!.

Grown Folks Talk5895d ago

but i don't like the mode. didn't play it on chaos theory, won't play it on double agent. i'll stick with co-op and single player.

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The story is too old to be commented.