Three Reasons Why PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Is Not "Just a Smash Bros Clone"

PlayStation Euphoria: Ever since the initial rumors about Title Fight, many gamers have stated that PlayStation All-Stars is simply a rip off to Super Smash Bros. Honestly, I thought the same at first. All-Stars has the same concept of placing mascots together, the same idea of a platforming brawler, and the same “Final Smash” styled level 3 attacks. However, as I watched more gameplay for All-Stars, it became apparent that it wasn’t just a rip off to Nintendo’s popular fighting game series. PlayStation All-Stars has different mechanics, move sets and art styles which have innovated the brawler genre.

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pixelsword2017d ago

I don't think it is either, but if you can think of more similarities than differences, then it's safe to assume that it at least inspired AS.

guitarded772017d ago

Well, yes... definitely inspired by. We saw a pic of a Wii next to a dev kit in the early leaked images before announcement. Nothing wrong with that. I love me some PSASBR. My only complaint is I'd like more game modes.

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KingKelloggTheWH2017d ago

Here is one,it played completely different.Can we end this now?

Dj7FairyTail2017d ago

uh no it doesn't entirely.

AP system is the same as Percentage just different methods.

You build up both.
Then launch an attack to KO them.

Smash Bros. just have more ways to KO giving it more option, modes and replay values.

chrispseuphoria2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Two words you just said there. "Different Methods."

You just pointed out that PSA is not a clone. Building up your attacks and then KO'ing them is a part of the brawling fighter genre. Would you say Tekken and Street Fighter are clones because they both have health bars? No.

MaxXAttaxX2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

It doesn't sound like you've played SSB before. AP and percentage are entirely different.

""Then launch an attack to KO ""
...uhh ok. That's usually how it works in fighting games.

(bellow) ""SSB started to concept of a Company bringing all of their franchises together and fight each other""
I believe Sega did that before.

jakmckratos2017d ago

Eh. I liked the gameplay and I love Sony 100 times over any other publisher/dev but I found the roster too small, the kill system frustrating and the lack of a fun whacky storyline using Sony's beloved characters incredibly disappointing. Also no Crash. We were always gonna complain without Crash.

SoapShoes2017d ago

I don't get people who complain about the roster saying it's nothing but 3rd party ads and no good characters. There are a lot of iconic PS characters on there. The DLC has been kinda lame but there are plenty of great PS characters in the roster.

josephayal2017d ago

The game at least an 9.3 out of 10 for me,BTW what CLONE? I will say that Nintendo copied Capcom when it came to putting different franchises together in a 2D fighter when they saw how popular Street Fighter v X-Men was.

Kran2016d ago

Do you even lift, bro?


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