Dark Souls 2 director on difficulty: "Obviously the game will not be easier"

Dark Souls 2's director Yui Tanimura has pledged that the upcoming sequel's difficulty will not be scaled down to appeal to a wider audience, despite the team's desire to make the game "more accessible".

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Prcko2472d ago

right direction,sounds good

codename132472d ago

yap, any difficulty settings will kill the franchise

brish2472d ago

I wish dark souls had the ability to start a new character in ng+ difficulty after you have beaten the game.

MrAnderson2472d ago

I hope not, the healing stones have me a little concerned

Swiggins2472d ago

The healing stones are just like Divine Blessings from the first dark souls, Rare items that heal you full, but you have no way of refilling them. The standard way of refilling health will be Estus Flasks.

The reason he had so many Drop Stones of Healing was so the demoer could get through the demo easier. Similarly when the first Dark Souls was shown off the character had about 50 divine blessings.

ziggurcat2472d ago

i'm more concerned with being able to heal on the fly. i think it takes away from the fear of getting your *** handed to you if you can just spam it while you roll, etc...

Tdmd2472d ago

I just hope they can make hard bosses without making them cheap (I'm looking at you, Four Kings...) this time!