Dark Souls 2: Has From Software sold out?

When Dark Souls 2 was announced, we – meaning Dark Souls fans, not the editorial we of The Dude – rejoiced at the prospect of a new challenge on the horizon. Then Edge reported that its co-directors wanted to mould the experience into something more approachable and into the pit of despair (a well-travelled place for videogame fans, admittedly) we went. Our beloved RPG is to be made more ‘approachable’. More accessible. More easy to play, perhaps? Its innate hostility stripped out to attract more sales? It sounded like Dark Souls 2 would be going the way of Dead Space 3 and become a watered down version of the core experience you had come to cherish.

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MariaHelFutura2475d ago

From what they showed, it looked harder.

TopDudeMan2474d ago

The title is misleading. If you read the article it goes on to prove that the game stays true to itself.

ps3_pwns2474d ago

it looked easier then the past games. them fat enemies are always the easiest in souls games because you can dodge them so easy. also they did sell out they removed backtracking so i doubt you will be able to revisit any part of the game world at anytime like in the past games.

Tdmd2474d ago

Whaa... there's no backtracking?!

MestreRothN4G2474d ago

Actually, it probably meant they removed obligatory/excessive backtracking.

Think about buying some prism stones. There you go. Tedious, unnecessary and excessive backtracking.

Ps: platinum'd Dark Souls, so don't take me as a hollow hater.

cleft52474d ago

Nothing they showed made the game look harder. The only true death was the one where he tried to parry the giant axe and failed. All the other deaths where clearly intended.

We need to see more gameplay before we can accurate judge the difficulty. The Japanese conference for the game had actual gameplay shown, not a bunch of preplained clips. I need to see some real gameplay before I can gauge the difficulty.

Graphically, the game looks amazing. But I play Dark Souls/Demon's Souls for amazing gameplay. The graphics are an added bonus.

bluetoto2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Even live gameplay can be misleading as depending on how skilled the player is what you see and what you experience can be two very different realities.

While playing DeS my friends watching thought the game was a cake walk and after starting them off in 1.1 they soon put the controller down after dying to sum hollows a few times, in disbelief that we were playing the same game.

I've watched tons of vids on youtube and some of these guys never even get touched, ever, all depends on who is playing, imo.

StrawberryDiesel4202473d ago

I agree, however, the game definitely shows a lot of promise that it will stay true to what makes it so special and unique. Nothing looks different from the core experience and technically it looks improved and refined, exactly how a sequel should be made. Other Developers should take notes.

Prcko2475d ago

i hope game is still hard like DS1

DeadSpaced2474d ago

Has From Software sold out?

Without any kind of evidence suggesting they sold out at all, I'd say no.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2474d ago

"Has resorted to using baseless articles to get hits?"

When published their article "Dark Souls 2: Has From Software sold out?" we-I mean normal people, realized has very stupid articles that lack any empirical evidence.


DEEBO2474d ago

naw dude i wouldn't worry from what i seen it looks more define in they've haven't even shown multiplayer aspects.then p.c next gen talk should be on the table.60 frames on p.c,sony needs this on the PS4 as soon as one buy for me.worth every penny.

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The story is too old to be commented.