Slumping PC hardware sales doesn't mean a decline in PC gaming

GameZone writes, "Hokey tablets and mobile smartphones are no match for a good PC by your side. At first glance, it may appear the era of PC gaming may be coming to a close. Latest findings from global market firm IDC report that PC shipments have suffered the worst quarterly decline since records began. For Q1 2013, only 76.3 million PC units were shipped worldwide, a decline of 13.9% year-on-year. It's also the largest quarterly drop since IDC started keeping track of the PC market in 1994. So does this mean the end of PC gaming as we know it?"

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NYC_Gamer2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

The sales being down are related to pre-built PCs that are sold at retail...

decrypt2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

There is less and less incentive to upgrade PCs. Most people Non gamers who would like to use PC for surfing, media, work have no reason to upgrade even 4-5 year old PCs. Most office places are still hung on windows xp as their is no reason to upgrade.

So it just leaves the gamers. Gamers dont upgrade like they used to because games are now designed with consoles in mind. Since games are designed with 7 year old hardware in mind, their is a lack of incentive to upgrade. 5-6 year old pcs will easily play most games in 1080p. So why should people upgrade if the software isnt there?

This doesnt really effect PC gaming itself, more and more people are on board Steam. Software sales are up. Its just that stagnant software requirements are bad for the hardware industry.

TopDudeMan2112d ago

Yes, of course. Most PC gamers either build their PCs from scratch or get someone else to.

brbobcat2113d ago

Why are people so eager to hate on PC? PC gaming is only growing with things like Steam.

talisker2112d ago

Because of Windows. And "PC master race" kids don't help it either.

kwyjibo2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

The PC Master Race kids sure are an improvement on the "power of the cell" open zone dbags though.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232112d ago

Yep, because we like to talk about our decent hardware we have worked so hard on perfecting we are classed as "Elitists" and the reason PC hardware hasn't sold well. LOL

Saryk2113d ago

I read that this morning , they said it was in a slump but PC makers would sell 300 million PCs. Man I would love to sell 300 million anything!

mcstorm2112d ago

I know I am finding this funny. It was said last quarter there were only 76 million windows pc's sold and this was down 13% from last year.
Well pc's don't need upgrading every year now and we can get 5 to 6 years out of a pc depend on what it is used for.

People are buying tablets over pc's at the moment because it is the in thing at the moment but they will need to look to upgrade them (Ipad, Android and Windows 8 RT) Every 24 months as that technology is moving fast where the x32 processors are now at a point where you can run most things on a i5 and i3 with out any issues so when new Windows ect comes out they will be able to load it onto this device without any issues.

The Biggest issues with Intel tablets at the moment is battery life and Price.
Once the price drops down to the Ipad prices and the battery life is improved I can see Windows 8 tablets becoming the best selling out of IOS and Android.

kevnb2112d ago

pc hardware sales arent directly related to pc gaming at this point. There are countless PCs out there, more people build than ever before, and people are waiting longer to upgrade.

2112d ago
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