BioShock Infinite is 'horrendous', claims indie dev - but why?

CVG - "BioShock Infinite is so flawed, so horrendous, so, damaging, yet sits at 94% on Metacritic," wrote indie dev, Kris Piotrowski on twitter this week. "Bioshock Infinite isn't the answer to our problems. It is the best example of them."

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lifesanrpg2478d ago

Why do people have to get upset when a game gets good scores? Shouldn't we celebrate the success of a game? Who cares if lots of people enjoyed it.

ApolloTheBoss2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Haters gonna hate. No matter what do you can't impress everyone.

Mounce2477d ago

Haters gotta hate mainstream to sound hipster and sophisticated - in a nutshell imho.

jsslifelike2477d ago

Congratulations! You guys have just joined the ranks of Phil Fish and Jonathan Blow! Way to go!

Reverent2478d ago

People just love to hate whatever is popular.

In some cases I can agree, like Call of Duty, Hip-Hop music, and Micheal Bay films... But in the case of this game, it's really well made and deserves the praise it's getting.

Conzul2477d ago

You are now in *MY* Hall of Heroes.
S-See what I did there?

nintendoland2477d ago

"In some cases I can agree" no just no you lost my respect there.

HammadTheBeast2478d ago

I'm right at the ending, and I am literally thinking that my mind is being blown... this game is truly amazing. I think this indie dev is bitter that a AAA game has managed to impress like this.

grailly2478d ago

My mind was blown, but not in the right way, it just feels like the game spews metaphisical rubbish at you just to scream in your face: "DIDN'T EXPECT THAT, HEY!?" of course you didn't expect it, if you can't even understand it...

I kinda liked it though.

TekoIie2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

I like how to basically sets up a Bioshock "universe".

LOVE that ending! Doesnt sequel bait, but leaves room for more to come :)

OlgerO2478d ago

I finished the game and think it is overated, that said i still think it is worth an 8.5.

3-4-52478d ago

games that do well...even if I can't stand them...usually helps the industry out so it's almost always a good thing except if it's an ios game..

Blackdeath_6632477d ago

good point, while bioshock infinite as a video game is average at best as an art it is exceptional. big subject were tackled in the game and they were done right usually any other game which tried to touch on some of the subjects in bioshock infinite would have been instantly slammed not only by the gaming community but by the media too. i think this game is a very VERY positive thing for gaming. to be honest even the weaker aspects of the game arnt all bad the gun fighting is still fun all things considered. yes reviews have been exaggerated but i think that can be considered a good thing

g2gshow2477d ago

this has something more to do with personal issues poor kid mad about another man success .its plenty of other things he could be ranting mad about .how about his lack of talent thats something to be mad about

2477d ago
kevnb2477d ago

honestly, who cares how a game scores? Other than publishers who use this information to impress investors of course.

kostchtchie_2477d ago

no game should ever get 10/10, and all these sites giving have no credibility as reviewers if they cannot even give proper scores

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greyhaven332478d ago

Everybody has a right to their own opinion, I just don't feel its necessary to spew negative opinions. Why try and diminish other people's joy in something? If you don't like it fine, is it so important to you to have others feel the same way?

naiyo2478d ago

Thats how I feel people treat motion controls. I love them. I also only play Bioshock with Move and it works great.

Blackdeath_6632477d ago

its not negative opinion its criticism, if you don't let people know what you don't like about their game how are they ever going to fix it? besides if you like the game surely other people's opinions don't matter.

greyhaven332477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Criticism is negative, and your assuming that just because you don't like something it needs to be "fixed"...and you are correct, I don't base what I like and don't like on other opinions.

My point was I don't feel criticism or negative opinions are necessary (same thing), unless they are constructive and used to uplift, not tear down. So I see what your saying and I agree when used that way it can be helpful

Blackdeath_6632475d ago

its not negative you just precive it to be that way. also you make it sound like this game is reciving a lot of hate did you not see all the amazing reviews it got (most of which seemed to gloss over many aspect in the games that were lacking). there is much MUCH more news,articles and reviews praising the game than there are that criticise it or slam it you just seem to not accept any of the negative opinions or even consider them because you think the game is good you want to remove any negative news to confirm that it is. there is much more good news surrounding the game and this indie dev made a very legitimate comment regarding the story and how aspects of the gameplay break the immersion/does not fit with the story line. i personally like the game one of the best ive seen but i do agree with the general point this dev is making

Pozzle2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

I can see why Bioshock Infinite might not appeal to everyone, but "horrendous" is such a ridiculous overstatement, and insulting the intelligence of the people who enjoyed it is just rude.

If you want "horrendous", try playing Amy or Charlie's Angels.

grailly2478d ago

it was surely done on purpose to get the discussion rolling. worked out quite well.

da_2pacalypse2478d ago

Out of all the games to hate on... Bioshock Infinite should be on the very bottom of the list. It's different, it's beautiful, and it's intelligent. It's art.

2pacalypsenow2478d ago

Agreed I played a 1 hour trial on ps3 and now I want to buy it

delboy2478d ago

It's a shooter, maybe people started to hate shooters, idk.
Still have to play BI.

HammadTheBeast2478d ago

It's a shooter, but even if it was a point and click adventure, it would still be amazing.

Kennytaur2478d ago

In the age of the internet, there will always be that guy.