Metroidvanias and Good Game Design

MoarPowah's Kaushik discusses why Metroidvania style games are a prime example of excellent game design, and what other games can learn from them.

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kungfuian2043d ago

A few more greats not mentioned-

Blaster master (nes and overdrive on wii)
Shadow planet
Metroid 0 mission

Kevlar0092043d ago

They left out MegaMan ZX and it's sequel as well

At least I liked it anyway

kungfuian2043d ago

the upcoming axium verge looks amazing too

also the snes aliens 3 game is sorta meetroidvania/mission based and was good based on my rose colored nostalgia glasses

Kevlar0092043d ago

This article reminds me

New 2D Metroid Please

XXXL2043d ago

Would love an HD remake of symphony of the night or a sequel would be even better!

Venox20082043d ago

there are some good metroidvanias people should try

Aliens (DS)
Monsters Tale (DS)
Shantae series
I even liked new 3DS Castlevania :)