Defending Videogames in the Gun-Control Debate

AusGamers has presented a feature on gun-control, gun-violence and the videogame industry's involvement as an enabler in the senseless violence that has occurred due to, what they believe is lax gun-laws in US, in the past few years.

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Neko_Mega2481d ago

Simple thing is, its parents that need to act like parents and now buy "M" rated games for five year olds.

An they wonder why their kid is screw up? Plus alot of people those people that do shooting are kind of mess up in the head and adding to it makes it worst.

You can't blame video games for people being dumb and not being a parent or not knowing whats real and whats a game.

Conzul2481d ago

Video games AND guns cause about as many deaths as marijuana.
In other words - none. They're more like your idiot friend who happens to be around when shit goes down.

gazgriff2k122481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

parents looking for excuses for there own failings,
people trying to get out of trouble will say anything,
some idiots really believe games, music and tv make you into a psycho killer

Conzul2481d ago

Lack of parenting / Bad parenting are the dominant causes of spree killers.

Unfortunately, there's no test you gotta take to become a parent. I suppose you could blame the education system for turning out these waves of incompetent parents...or the economy....LoL it's nearly hopeless.

As my old man used to say, Just Drink and Have Faith in the System.

DarkZane2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

There was as much violence before videogames existed than there is now.

There was shooting in schools dating as far back as the 1800s and the 1700s. Guess what, not only there was no videogames back then, but there was no electricity.

Violence like that was there before videogames existed and is gonna be there long after videogames stop to exist.

The guy was gonna snap eventually without videogames, he had problems.

Also, I agree, parents are irresponsible. I see a lot of them buying their 5-10 yo M rated games.

The way I see it, congress and NRA just try to blame videogames. Congress is shifting blame so that we don't because they don't want us to see country is screwed and allow a lot of people to get a gun, just like NRA is shifting blame so that guns aren't the problem.

Also, even if there was a link and it was proven one day, there is nothing anyone could do. Videogames and movies are billions of dollars industries. They are untouchable and there is nothing anyone in this world can do. Not Governors, Senators or the president and to anyone religious, not even a God could do anything.