Diehard GameFAN: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS) Review

DHGF: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a weird experience, in that it’s a fine game on its own merits, but it’s a case where the inferior version of the game was released to the system with a larger market share, and the end result is harder to recommend than it should be. That’s a shame too, as the game is basically one of the best releases in the series yet, taking the core elements of Monster Hunter Tri and expanding them to a point where the game is basically almost everything fans could hope for from the franchise. The game looks, sounds and plays very well, generally, and it contains basically all of the content fans expect from the franchise with old and new monsters to make for one of the most robust releases in the series yet, while also managing to be more accessibly for newcomers. The game is still a bit time consuming and challenge heavy as it goes, and still maintains its MMO design philosophy of asking players to spend hours grinding a monster for rare drops, which can make it as off-putting as it’s ever been for those not into that sort of design. Further, the 3DS version is hampered by the fact that the Circle Pad Pro makes the experience much better if you’re an XL owner and don’t want to pay the higher price for the attachment, and the fact that the only way to play the game online is to buy a separate console, when at that point you might as well just buy the console release, especially when the 3DS has the larger user base.

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