ASDA: PlayStation 4 Release Date Is 'Merely An Estimation'

Push Square: "Despite teasing a 2013 release for the PlayStation 4 in the UK this morning, ASDA has told us that it’s merely predicting when the console will release. “We have had no confirmation from Sony,” a spokesperson said. “This is merely an estimation and we look forward to hearing a confirmed release date soon.”

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StrongMan2020d ago

The PS4 release date can't get here soon enough!


I can't wait for the Ps4...

xploz1on2020d ago

Yup, We have been trolled!

fOrlOnhOpe572020d ago

Im preordering a PS4 this weekend but Im really not optimistic about seeing it out this year, here in the UK and Europe.
Oh well, cant say Im short of anything to play thanks to PS plus :-)

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