Capcom: Darkstalkers Resurrection hasn't sold well enough to be considered successful

Fighting game Darkstalkers Resurrection hasn't sold well enough to be considered successful, Capcom has admitted.

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Jadedz2883d ago

I thought 3rd party titles sold well on the PS360?

I'm not being serious, though it goes that show even 3rd party titles can underperform on the PS36O. Publishers, developers, and gamers with bias towards Nintendo, need to realize that there are a number of factors as to why certain titles don't sell well.

pangitkqb2883d ago

Capcom has some great content, but the people in charge of their projections are obviously working on the overly optimistic side of interpreting the data.

wishingW3L2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

have you seen this lazy butt sequel? People wanted a real throw back to the series with current gen specs but all we got was an ugly looking game that could have been done by an amateur on MUGEN in less than a week.

Heck, I've seen better games based on MUGEN... Capcom recycled art, music, sprites, move-sets, everything off the old PS1 games from 1994! This latest sequel is a complete rip-off and overrated as hell.

zeal0us2883d ago

Well Capcom did a poor job of promoting and advertising the game. What they expect the game to sell on its name alone?

FamilyGuy2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

This didn't look good to me in the slightest, it looks too old still and not a single game video or picture made me want it. I like DarkStalkers and when I saw this one I just "pffft, yeah right."

When the original Psp launched I bought it with DarkStalkers, I'm a fan of the franchise but not many of these fighting game retro HD remakes catch my attention. What enhancements were even made, it looked like a SUPER lazy cash grab attempt.

Jadedz2883d ago

Let's be honest here; how many, ''3rd party software doesn't sell on Nintendo hardware'' comments or articles have you read on N4G so far? People always highlight Nintendo's failed 3rd party sales, yet we totally abolish facts on PS360 3rd party titles failing to impress their reflected publisher.

Ok, the game was bad. Can't that be the same reason why said game doesn't sell well on a specific Nintendo platform? Take GTA for instance... It was a top down looking GTA title (think GTA for the PS1) for the NDS. It didn't sell well initially, though it managed to sell upwards up to a million copies. Everyone trumpeted the same saying that has plagued Nintendo since the N64 era, yet it was a profitable venture for Take-Two Interactive. They went on recond saying that they weren't glad with sales, and ending up porting the title to the Psp.

I don't understand the nonsense publishers come up with regarding Nintendo's audience. I like a lot of genres; be it with blood & guts, it doesn't matter to me as long as I'm enjoying the experience.

jetlian2883d ago

most of you dont even know this was a HD port. This isnt a new game in the series nor is it a full 60 dollar release.

a lot of xbla/psn games arent selling as much given this gen is nearing the end

Knushwood Butt2883d ago

Yeah, from the comments it seems like very few people know what this game is.

It's two (supposedly) HD ports of very old 2D fighters that have been ported many times before.

I still have the PS2 Darkstalkers collection, which includes all 3 games, while for some unknown reason, this latest Capcom effort only contains the last 2 of the games in the series.

Not only that, but for some bizarre reason there was no digital release (at least not in Japan).

I'm not in the least surprised it didn't sell well. It's a fringe fighting game series in the first place, you can get the games on other platforms, it's missing a game, and there's no digital release.

I think the only thing this has to offer is online play (?).

jetlian2883d ago

They have been doing this 2 game thing for a while now. They have the D&D in june which is 2 games. They had the final fight and magic sword one.

They had the MvsC orgins one too same with SF3! I never played this series back in the day and unless this comes down in price I probably wont.

I also didnt like they took out characters in one of the games.

3-4-52883d ago

Maybe they don't realize that 90% of this country has no idea what this game or game series even is.

They needed to market a little better I guess.

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Bhuahahaha2883d ago

the reason for slow sale is a lot of people got tired of crapcom games now most likely majority of fans is waiting for the ultimate arcade blah blah blah edition

2883d ago
Roper3162883d ago

I only speak for myself but if the Capcom name is anywhere on a game I don't buy it. I don't like their business practices and I choose not to give them my money.

ThanatosDMC2883d ago

Same here. I'm gonna stop buying games from Capcom and EA... maybe Gearbox too after I'm done with Borderlands 2.

Skate-AK2883d ago

I wonder if people are purchasing less PSN titles due to the PS4 not being BC.

BoNeSaW232883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )


I buy games to play them not think `Hey! I'll still be able to play this in 10 years on Sony's Gen 7 Playstaion!

On topic: I Love Darkstalkers and tried this demo but it was not impressive at all and did not capture my nostalgia. I hated it. My boys hated it. NO BUY!

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