5 Things We Learned About 'Dark Souls 2' From Today's Gameplay Footage Reveal

Forbes - 'Dark Souls 2′ looks a lot like the original, but there are some distinct changes worth noting.

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Xof2473d ago

I learned Dark Souls is surprisingly mainstream today, when I overheard random people discussing the gameplay footage in public.

I haven't really seen something like than since Final Fantasy VIII.

sithsylar2473d ago

I Think ALOT Of people are waiting to see if Dark Souls 2 has been mainstreamed or they are sticking to the hardness that made it so great.

Swiggins2473d ago

There's a difference between going mainstream and selling out.

Dark Souls 2 seems to be the former instead of the latter.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

It's not Demon's Souls 2 so it will be crap for the casuals just like Dark Souls.

2473d ago