Assassin's Creed Not a PS3 Exclusive?

While was talking to a Ubi employee who asked not to be named, he accidentally let slip that Assassin's Creed is being developed on 360 as well.

joemutt6210d ago

I cant afford to play it on PS3, and have no rich friends, but I still get to play.

achira6209d ago

who believes this ??? he "accidently" mentioned it ??? i dont believe that someone can be so foolish. only another rumour from the xbox section.

Snake Raiser5334d ago

Darn, I wish you had been right, what a difference it would have made.

Ru6209d ago

Im tired of the stupid loyal sony diehard people wanting everything for themselves! Its SHARE time now!! I kinda understand Them wanting the Ps3 to better than the 360... and who knows maybe it will be, but why be greedy when it comes titles?
I bet this game will be every bit as impressive on the 360 as the PS3!

name5553d ago

No. This is a lie. Assassin's creed is a PS3 exclusive.

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