Welcome to Xbox Station?

Xbox 360 fever has hit the UK's largest videogame store, Gamestation Birmingham, as Microsoft buy half the store, paint it green, and cover it in Xbox 360s demo units, advertisements and games. Over 15 consoles networked and connected to Xbox Live for tournament play and a life-size Master Chief figure all feature in this piece of marketing to end all marketing. Photos of the store and chat with the staff of the store are inside.

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THWIP6345d ago

The Green....it burns my eyes!! O_O

Still cool though. :D

BIadestarX6345d ago

I know, but who else would do something like this? Sony? Only one company is known to spend money on things like this hence why the losses.
Then again, this can only benefit the gamers.

AP6345d ago

...the photos don't do it justice. It looked awesome and it had a lively atmosphere, even at 12pm on a Monday.

MilkYMoO6345d ago

Lucky gits and the prices are probably reasonable too.

zonetrooper56345d ago

I have been to that store before and i was gonna go this half term but i'm not going now which would of been cool.

bizzy126345d ago

cool why the states dont have nothing like that o it migth get rob every day or the employe still everything

Thugbot1876345d ago

That's Killer, would love to go see it in person. Wish they would do that here, but then again I just may never leave the store.