Black Ops 2: Uprising Trailer plus double XP dates

Uprising info plus double xp dates

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iGAM3R-VIII2068d ago

especially since it comes with 24/7 Nuketown :P

Sniperwithacause2068d ago

I don't know about Xbox, but almost every time I connect to MP it tells me after the tourney it will be db xp weekend. Also, why is the link taking me to a Pokemon article?

Sniperwithacause2068d ago

Just my opinion, but something is wrong with the approval system. They need to double check and triple check these articles and their links before going green light. Seems like they are okaying articles just to keep adding to the front page. That's just me. My two cents. I'm addicted to n4g anyways checking 100 times a day to read new/re-released news.

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