Five Things We Noticed About Dark Soul II New Trailer

"The sequel was first unveiled via a Dark Souls 2 trailer at the Spike Video Game Awards. It will be the first in the Souls series not to be helmed by creator from Hidetaka Miyazaki.

A new trailer has appeared right after the 12 minutes dark soul ii gameplay that was shown by IGN. For fans like myself, the video we saw was both comforting and exciting all at once.

Nothing about the game looked radically different from the original Dark Souls, but enough of it seemed improved and mysterious to give it a very fresh look and feel. Familiarity and newness all in one package what more could a wildly popular franchise hope to achieve in a sequel?"

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DaThreats2483d ago

Woah kelly, put a line of space between your numbering

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2483d ago

I want this,, sooooooooo badly :0,,,,,,,,,,

Reverent2483d ago

Your disagree'ers hate fun.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2483d ago

Them disagreeing with me means what? o_o That i don't want this THAT badly? Weird.

ufo8mycat2483d ago

I was hoping they would get rid of the bonfires, or at least minimise them.

I really believe they noobified Dark Souls because of this. It was much more forgiving then Demon Souls because of this.

god_o_war2483d ago

i really enjoyed dark souls more than demons souls. it just felt alot more connected. you didnt HAVE to use the bonfires it was up to you and the fact that it was more forgiving but still hard as hell still gave a rewarding feel.

But I do hope they make a demons soul 2 following that trend of relentless unforgiving gameplay. there really is nothing else like it on current gen...

TheFirstClassic2483d ago

Honestly the bonfires were spaced far enough apart that I felt that it was more difficult than Demon's Souls. I really thought Dark Souls was harder, and more unfair in general.

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