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It might not seem like it to some, but when Nintendo's Wii U video game console launched in November of last year more than 30 games launched with it. Of those, all but four were third-party titles. Since that time, however, it's been as if the flow of third-party titles for the console have slowed to a mere trickle.

Looking ahead with 2013 almost a third over, it appears that game publishers are ready to turn the faucet on nearly full blast yet again as the Wii U has a number of notable third-party titles on the horizon.

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kirbyu2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

None of these sound good. Except...maybe Injustice.

PopRocks3592075d ago

I beg to differ. I am keeping an eye out for Ducktales, Deus Ex, Injustice and Mutant Mudds Deluxe.

PFFT2075d ago

You shouldnt Drink the Bong Water.

PFFT2074d ago

There are clearly more than one game that standout in that list. Deus Ex is an amazing game. I played it on both PC and Xbox. Im really looking forward to Injustice, Resident Evil and Sniper. So yeah Injustice isnt the only title that looks great on that list.

DivineAssault 2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

why oh why? Such a missed opportunity to shine 3rd party wise.. I believe they tried but not hard enough with publishers.. At least i know wii u will get some great indie titles as well as 1st party so its not a total waste of money.. But i really wanted it to replace my PS3/360 for 3rd party games for the remainder of this gen but thats NOT gonna happen if they dont get their network straightened out & more publishers to back em up..

If porting is easy on this thing, why cant they get more multiplats?? I know devs need to come up with ideas for the gamepad but damn, just use it for basic crap or not at all! Put the damn games on the machine

Nevers0ft2074d ago

It's which games are getting ports that is confusing the hell out of me. Codemasters (for example) think Wii U owners want the terrible F1 Kart Racing game (I forget the name) instead of say Dirt or Drift. Squeenix porting Deus Ex (which is admittedly a good game) instead of Tomb Raider.

It's like the directors at these companies are choosing Wii U ports based on the advise of a magic 8Ball O_o

USMC_POLICE2075d ago

Sniper and deus ex look good. If splinter cell is better on Wii u I'll get it on Wii u.

DwightOwen2075d ago

I love how dumbass haters keep approving this same lame article over and overfrom different websites. Seriously, this has to be sixth rendition of this crap I've read this week. No mention of Watch Dogs, Bayonetta, Batman AO, Splinter Cell, etc.

It's not Nintendo's fault Sega fucked up Aliens and Ubisoft delayed an ALREADY FINISHED GAME by 7 months. Considering the system is only 5 MONTHS OLD, it's had a hell of a lot 3rd party support, more than usual for a console this young into its lifecycle. Games like Zombi, Lego City, and Monster Hunter are not only top-quality, they're EXCLUSIVE to the Wii U. Tell me, how many 3rd party exclusives did PS3 have in it's first year, let alone half year? then you have Indie support in games like Nano Assault Neo, Trine 2, Runner 2, etc.

What, exactly, do you trolls think you're going to be playing for the year the PS4 is out? Do you think devs are going to invest $30+ million on a game for a console with an install base of only 2-3 million (maybe less considering there's confirmed to be no BC support), because that's a pipe dream. You'll be playing 1080 ports of PS3 games, AT BEST, like Watch Dogs, sports games, etc.

I really hope Killzone, Drive Club, and Infamous are all they're cracked up to be, because those are going to be the only unique games worth playing for the first year, until the install base grows to a point where 3rd party AAA titles can be profitable. I know facts are forbidden in FanboyLand, but there it is.

Realplaya2074d ago

I agree sir PS owners are on here blasting when the reality is they would be lucky to get 10 quality games in the first year. Also pre orders and bought units are 2 different things I can almost guarantee the PS4 will be more expensive than the WII U and there will be less games when it release.

ZeekQuattro2075d ago

Speaking ill of the PS4 on here is tantamount to blasphemy. Watch yourself out there. lol jkjk

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