The Next Generation And The Rise Of The Girl Gamer

As the gaming industry continues forward, more and more females are getting involved with interactive entertainment. More girl gamers are a-comin'!

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Linko642473d ago

Girl gamer? guess that means I'm a boy gamer? nah both terms are stupid.

PopRocks3592473d ago

Can't we all just stick with "gamer"? Seriously, girls have been playing games for just as long as guys. It just took this long for us to acknowledge it it seems.

Root2473d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

Yeah they have but not as many as we do now

Thanks to the Wii back in 2006 making gaming mainstream and bringing in the casual term to define two seperate audiences it's only then your seeing more girl gamers

There's been girl gamers back since gaming started but not that many, hell they weren't even the main targets, the main audience companies like Nintendo and especially Sony were going for. I mean it's why we had that "Boys and their geeky computer games" term used so much towards gamers, girls just weren't the main target. As I've said, just so we can be clear, I'm not saying their wasn't any girl gamers, just that they were very very rare. Least back then if you came across one they were actually genuine and knew their stuff.

It's only in the past few years we've had more girl gamers but as I've said thats to do with the Wii making gaming more mainstream and because of the sudden rise of the geeky trend becoming a hit, gaming is a main part of that so people think they have to call themselfs gamers because they want to fit into that trend.

I mean I'm not saying males don't bullcrap about being gamers for social gimmick like reasons, to fit in, I mean hell we see that a lot with COD and why so many people buy it, but you see more females doing it then males.

It might seem sexist but over the years, it's very frustrating how a hobby which once got you name called now all of a sudden is popular. I've seen a ton of fake girl gamers who do it for the attention or because it's now cool when in fact when you speak to them they don't have a clue what your going on about if you speak about the lesser known games then the big blockbusters like Halo, COD, Skyrim (some thinking that Skyrim is a franchises it's self and are confused when you say Elder Scrolls lol)

It's pretty much why I still use the term girl gamer....sorry girls, I know some of you reading this comment are genuine but there's a ton out there who aren't and these are the ones that make you look bad and why people can't take your seriously.

PopRocks3592472d ago Show
Root2472d ago

...a few. Hardly

It's been happening for years and don't twist my words I never said slutty girls is a reason yo seperate gamers by gender. If your a gamer then fine but all I'm saying is that you get a lot and I mean a lot more fake girl gamers out there saying they are one when they are not and it makes genuine female gamers look bad.

Heisenburger2472d ago

Yeah. Considering that it's hip to refer to both men and women as 'actors', as opposed to actors and actresses respectively.

So if they only have one term now, why must we specify gender when discussing video games?

PopRocks3592472d ago

We look at actors as individuals whereas we typically look at gamers as a group of people. In that respect, I don't see the significance of pointing out when someone who plays video games is male or female.

Heisenburger2472d ago

S.A.G. that it my response.

That is a "group" of 'ACTORS'.

Sorry that you are incorrect. :/

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testemelt2472d ago

...More girl gamers are a-comin'!

WitWolfy2472d ago

Oh my a girl gamer what is the world coming to!?! WTF man their also human beings why make such a big deal of it?!?! Oh I know why, its because they have vaginas! Should've known...