A look at DC Universe Online's Origin Crisis DLC | Game Guys

Speculation can be fun - especially in the comic book world. What if Professor Xavier never founded the School for Gifted Youngsters? What if Al Simmons never took up the role of an assassin, thus never becoming Spawn in the afterlife? Finally, what if the parents of a young Bruce Wayne were never murdered in that dark alleyway years ago?

It's this third "what if" (and others like it) that bring to players of the PC/PS3 game DC Universe Online its seventh DLC pack, known as Origin Crisis.

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Rip-Ridah2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

A pretty interesting concept. It's especially coincidental that this dlc is coming out around the time of Injustice & Man of Steel. All different takes of the DC Universe. Both of my toons, Froztbyte & Twinks, will be ready for the dlc.