Following Twitter Tirade, Microsoft Creative Director Adam Orth No Longer With Microsoft

If the first rule of public speaking is to know your audience, then the first rule of Twitter is to realize that you are speaking publicly.

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Jek_Porkins2479d ago

Microsoft did the right thing, especially if they aren't heading in a DRM direction, although the free publicity could do them a lot of good in the long run, and every single gamer will tune in to Microsoft's reveal to hear truth from rumor.

NewMonday2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Sweet Billy must really hate the internet now.

Ritsujun2479d ago Show
shivvy242479d ago

its really funny how people made memes and bag him out , but to lose a job over this is just sad

Blacktric2479d ago

RIP in pieces Sweet Billy


Taken from us so soon...

Gaming1012479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

LOL seriously, that guy was relentlessly douchy, arrogant and belligerent, anyway, and if he's going to be mouthing off about details that haven't been confirmed by Microsoft yet, he deserves to be fired! There are obviously confidentiality agreements signed into everyone's contract, so you can't just go around divulging your company's 5 year plans to competitors, they have these things for a reason.

Ezz20132479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

but he said the internet is awesome killed his career :P

Blacktric2479d ago

I actually don't like reading news like this (someone getting fired from their job). But in this case, I'm extremely happy. He can go to hell for all I goddamn care. A man that forces their colleagues to call him Sweet Billy and ignores them if they don't, does not deserve to have a job anywhere.

EVILDEAD3602479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Microsoft had no choice in this case...

The funny part is we found out the bombshell that the Xbox 720 does NOT have to be online and it will play all 720 games offline whether new OR used.

It's the XBOX mini that does not have a disc drive and is competing with Apple TV that will have to always be online.

Probably the biggest news in the 720s existance since all of the 'always online' news and the Orth foul up.

Adam Orth unfortunately has to be the example for the silly tweets and loses his job. But, the crazy thing is he never had to defend the online stuff to begin with.

Xbox 720 will have Backwards Compatability through Xbox Mini

Xbox 720 will support used games

Xbox 720 will play games offline.

The plot has thickened


SilentNegotiator2479d ago

This news makes this picture from a few days ago sooooooo perfect.

blitz06232479d ago

If I had a twitter account I would tweet him #dealwithit

Why o why2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

wait a sec.....didnt greenberg say he didn't know that guy almost like he didn't exist. Maybe greenberg knew it was curtains for mr dwi

Grap2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

@Why o why
not everyone who work in the same company know each other microsoft isn't a studio has only 100 employ we are talking about thousands of people.

inveni02479d ago

They've probably been waiting to fire this guy for a long time.

AtomicGerbil2479d ago


Many companies are adopting social media policies now, you would be very much surprised what some people have been dismissed for.

In the case of Adam Orth, he really should have known better or read company policies.

Why o why2479d ago


oh I know that, I dont even know all the members of my family;)

I reckon he must of known or found out who he was before he came out of hibernation. Notice he didn't say this guy wasn't an ms employee, so again, I reckon he must of known something of the guys existence.

badz1492479d ago

will Greenberg admit that he actually knows this guy now?

Timesplitter142479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Someone has lost his job and is having actual real-life problems right now because some fatties (us) decided that we were very, very offended by someone talking about online connectivity in a video-game console.

I don't think this is right.

And I don't really expect the average N4Ger to understand why since they live in their imaginary magical kingdom where video game purity is the #1 concern and nothing else matters

nosferatuzodd2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

wow that's sad

zod the Immortal

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ziggurcat2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

while it's all still just a rumour, orth's tweets do seem to imply that the next xbox will require an always online connection.

now, whether it's for something like the facilitation of system updates (which is useful, imo) or if it's required to be connected even for a single player game is another thing...

frankly, i'm surprised it took this long for MS to show him the door.

@ nukeitall "I still don't understand why people are so upset with Orth?"

because his tweets insulted anyone who either doesn't have access to or can't afford super high speed internet, and mocked peoples' concerns about having to be connected to play games that don't need an online connection to function.

Jek_Porkins2479d ago

Not really, if they were going to go with DRM console they would have kept him, firing him only makes sense if MS were going in a different direction.

The thing is, people can be confused when they think they are onto some supposed "fact", if it turns out this Xbox Mini that you need to play Xbox 360 games is always online, well there ya go, crisis averted, if it turns out your Xbox 720 needs to be online to use apps, well shit....

MariaHelFutura2479d ago

No. They would fire him either way. 1) Because talked about an unannounced console on twitter. 2) Because he was a complete @sshole while doing it.

Saigon2479d ago

He broke the NDA. To me that is enough to fire him. Most likely to avoid any legal action they had him step down. From what I was told from a friend that knows someone that works at MS in Seattle. the employees are under a very strict NDA protocol when it comes to any new products for MS. they are pretty much not allowed to say anything in any hint or applied subject. i feel sorry for him but hey that's how the ball rolls.

hesido2479d ago

Yes, I know someone working at Microsoft. He said they hadn't received the next gen Xbox kits yet (working on different projects till now), but they were going to. When I asked him if he could give any tidbits, he said he might as well pack his stuff and leave Microsoft :)

syphon322479d ago

Its because internet providers aren't reliable and the internet tends to go out sometimes. No one wants that especially if you have a system that depends on it.

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Pushagree2479d ago

Guess Adam will have to...*puts on shades* deal with it.

IIC0mPLeXII2479d ago


knifefight2479d ago

Now that he doesn't have to go to work, he can REALLY be always online!

DarkBlood2479d ago

damn it you got to say that before i could lol

-Alpha2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Well, I'm sure EA is hiring

tigertron2479d ago

"Now that he doesn't have to go to work, he can REALLY be always online!"
Not unless he can find a new job and pay for his internet bills. :P #dealwithit

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Cupid_Viper_32479d ago

Well I have to say I'm in a bit of shock to be honest. A lot of XBox fans on here came into every thread to explain to us why all of this "bad news" was actually really good news for MS. And that there's no such thing as bad puplicity.

So why would you fire a guy for supposedly "taking attention away from the PS4" as they guys on here put it?

Oh NVM, I just answered my own question. We actually live in reality, where overwhelmingly bad press about a product is a huge problem, hence why ad campaigns such as Mac vs PC were so effective. Or why presidential elections campaign normally do negative ad campaigns.

But you know what, idiot or not, I hope that this guy's family don't have to pay for his mistakes, and that he can get back on his feet as quickly as possible.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32479d ago

"A lot of XBox fans on here came into every thread to explain to us why all of this "bad news" was actually really good news for MS."

Can you provide a link to these people you speak of?

LackTrue4K2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

I click agree with Cupid_Viper_3.

And click a disagree on WrAiTh Sp3cTr3, just cuz he knows his talking out of his a55 on asking for a link on the people hes talking BAD about Microsoft.

P.S. "RIP good grammar"

BitbyDeath2479d ago

@WrAiTh, first poster on this page still claims it as good publicity. LOL

ThatCanadianGuy5142479d ago

Really wraith? A link?

Just click through any submission and you'll be hard pressed to miss it lol.

KwietStorm2479d ago

You're gonna beat this publicity thing into the ground aren't you?

fr0sty2479d ago

Were they doing the right thing by sending the cops to raid a guy's house who was the first to leak this sort of thing out? All these actions do is give credence that Microsoft is very worried about this information getting out. If it were just a rumor that was not true, they would just do an interview and say "we have no intentions to force users to remain online while playing any of our consoles". They wouldn't even have to announce a new console to do that, and it would instantly crush the rumor. Sony did it when they registered that used game patent and the net went wild about it. They came right out and said "PS4 will play used games.".

So, I wouldn't assume they've done the right thing. If they really are trying to do this always on thing, this is not a good way to bring attention to it. They should either remain quiet or come out and debunk it. Trying to clamp down on the rumor starters with force is not a sign of confidence.

syphon322479d ago

I totally agree, being secretive about it isn't working. They should've got ahead of the rumor. Now potential customers investing into the next gen will probably lean towards ps4. Dispelling the "always online" rumor would've helped MS. It would've put the hearts and minds of those looking forward to the 720 at ease. They might not be talking about it because it's true and it's too late to rebuild. It's just speculation but in this case not saying anything isn't helping.

2479d ago
refocusedman2479d ago

Although it was a stupid/ignorant comment, at the end of the day he was just sticking up for MS and showing pride for the company that he works for. Do I agree with him, no but I also dont believe that he deserves to be fired. I dont know when this happened, but gamers have developed a scary sense of entitlement and very thin skin. From the threats written on n4g in response to his comments, to people voting EA the worse company in the US ( when you have companies like bank of america who caused thousands of hard working people to lose their homes). I just dont understand it. At the end of the day games are games and life is life.

superterabyte2479d ago

@shivvy24 really? telling your potential customers to 'deal with it'.

really annoyed me and to add salt to the wounds his analogy's just showed how much of an idiot he really was. comparing electricity outages to network ones is possibly the most idiotic thing I have ever heard form an employee in the technology business except maybe giant crabs being part of ancient Asian culture =D

No low level employee of any major company would get away with what he has done so don't feel sorry for him.

GenericNameHere2479d ago

Haha I knew it! I don't get enjoyment out of people losing their jobs and not being able feed themselves, but he should have known the consequences. Carefully watching what you write and post online is THE MOST BASIC of online business, yet this guy went on to say "Deal With It". That phrase may not mean much to him even if he's joking, but it's ALWAYS about the consumer. You tell the consumer to just take it and "deal with it"? Well, you don't have to be a freaking economics guru to figure out what happens next.

andrewsqual2479d ago

Or since the 2010 Kinect "Reveal" I still don't want to live on this planet anymore when anything related to Microsoft E3 Press Conferences is involved. I will wait until it is over and get the remnants of the news from Eurogamer lol.

chrismichaels042479d ago

"the publicity could do them a lot of good in the long run"? A guy just lost his job. The man has a family to support and all you ignorant fanboys care about is publicity for Microsoft? Yea because hearing a guy lost his job is always positive media coverage. Unbelievable.

Cryptcuzz2479d ago

He lost his job not because of a bad economy that forced his company to make cuts or anything else similar that would warrant empathy from the same people who he was being a smart ass too.

He lost his job because he is someone in the know that is under strict NDA disclosures that talked or. mplied about a product that is yet to be revealed or announced.

With your logic, we should empathize with criminals that will go to jail because they have committed a crime?

Maybe the guy is making 200k + a year and is never there for the family. Would you then feel the same way?

Maybe the criminal going to jail (that we should fee bad about based on your logic) is the one hurting the family and thus the reason why the criminal is going to jail?

Thing is you don't know all that. Neither do I, so let's leave it at that.

What you do need to know is those who dislike the guy, reason why all the jokes and memes about him going rampant are simply because of how he made smart ass comments on a subject that he should have never made comments about, and respect the NDA disclosure that I'm sure he has signed. Peace.

chrismichaels042478d ago

@cryptcuzz...i have to disagree with you buddy. You're argument makes no sense. How on earth can you compare someone getting fired with someone going to jail? Criminals go to jail for serious offenses. This guy got fired for making an idiotic statement. Where in your logic are the two comparable? I'm not saying he doesn't deserve to be disciplined, but a public apology and a suspension would have been enough.

What difference does it make how much money he earns? Doesn't change the fact that he is supporting himself and his family with an honest days pay. So we're only allowed to show sympathy for long as they don't make past a certain amount of money? If he works long hours and never gets to see his family because of it, it just means he's making sacrifices for them.

Just because I don't like someone doesn't mean I'm going to take pleasure in their personal loss. Most people on here are quick to dismiss the possibility that Xbox is including an always online feature and are the first ones saying wait until MS announces something. If that's the mentality we're using, then we can't argue he deserves being fired for breaking confidentiality agreements either.

All we know right now is that he lost his job over a stupid comment. And certain people are celebrating his losing his job as "good publicity" for Microsoft. That's the part I disagree with.

2479d ago
marinelife92479d ago

People get fired all the time for making large stupid mistakes. I don't feel sorry for the guy.

TheXonySbox2479d ago

" every single gamer will tune in to Microsoft's reveal to hear truth from rumor."

Someone is out of touch with reality; newsflash majority of gamers arnt on N4G and they are busy with life. lol #fail

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aviator1892479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

I honestly don't know why ms hired him in the first place.
When he was a designer at Sony, he practically dissed Halo in an interview. Maybe he had some worthwhile abilities, but I wouldn't want to hire someone who can't respect the key franchise related to any certain company.

nukeitall2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

That is a good point, but MS might not have known about it. He does seem like an asshole similar to that other dude that made Twisted Metal, David Jaffe.

Yet, I can't help, but feel bad for the guy. His comments very pretty innocent, and that sort of thing I would have said as a joke.

Feel bad he no longer has a job regardless of being forced to resign/fired or resigning out of free will.

I still don't understand why people are so upset with Orth?

NYC_Gamer2479d ago

It's because his rant made the whole company[MS] look real bad

KwietStorm2479d ago

You may not like David Jaffe's personality, but I don't recall him ever taking jabs at anyone or joking about where people live. He's actually a very respectful guy, if you've ever spoken to him.

DeeZee2479d ago

Actually, Jaffe seems like a nice guy. I heard a lot of bad things about him, but after following him on Twitter for a while he seems like one of the nicest people in gaming. He talks about his kids and none of his tweets come across as arrogant.

Akin02479d ago

If you work for any corporation such as Microsoft there are policies in place for communication of company information / trade secrets. All employees are trained on these policies. Orth most likely violated those policies with his tweets even tho they were in jest. Given the secretness and sensitivity of the subject matter Microsoft deemed termination appropriate, and I would agree.

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konnerbllb2479d ago

Looks like he's off to Nintendo now. Third times a charm.

JoGam2479d ago

I think this will really screw his chances with another company in gaming.

Condemnedman2479d ago

Ah there you go an ex sony employee. That explains the arrogance and bitterness lol

abzdine2479d ago ShowReplies(1)
coolbeans2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

A believe a toast is in order...

To the 'always-on...the hunt for a new job' Adam Orth. Cheers.

DragonKnight2479d ago

Adam Orth disagreed with you.

coolbeans2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

To be expected. He isn't always-on his best behavior here. :P

DragonKnight2479d ago

He even disagreed with me about him disagree with you.

grayfoxx8812479d ago

This was most definitely a forced resignation, which is not the least bit surprising.